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The Silent Wolf

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Contary to common belief, I am not actually silent
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If The Silent Wolf is to long, just call me Kake

Skype if you happen to want to talk to me: Pokemonvskirby
I'm a little seal nerd, short and stout, here is my flipper, here is my snout~

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Hey, how's it going?

Haven't said hi in a while and I just wanted to say hi and potato.  Are you still drawing pretty pictures?



Harpy burfderp!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday! :D

Happy Birthday!!

I wish you dreams to no end,
the furious desire to realize someone.
I wish you to love what you have to love
and forget what should be forgotten.
I wish you passions, I wish you silences,
I wish you the song of birds in the awakening
and laughter of children.
I wish you to resist sinking,
indifference to the negative virtues of our time.
I wish you above all, be yourself :D

something else

I think you are a really nice girl don't let anypony else tell you anything different your a good person

Happy Birthday

Kake I think of you as a really good friend though I believe you don't think the same of me I just want you to know as a friend I am always here for you


Just sayin' hi. :)


Thank you for the comment about my epic avatar. ^-^

sekai de

ichiban ohime sama~


I can haz muffins? :3


Despite that it says November 07,2012 is when I signed up, I actually signed up on April 01, 2012, this is just my second account since I rage deleted my old one.