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I will never be a memory
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Bother bother bother I know I'm not on often but meh


Hai!! its me!!

Sorry about that :c

During the stress test the server I was on, equus, kept having issues and the other server was down. Sorry that I could not find you ;.;"
Other than that, I've made two new ponies c:

By the way, how are you? I hope you can sleep well.

Well that's cool

Congrats andallthat! And nice corgi gif!


When did you become a moderator?!

Hello! And I had no idea you became a Mod, it's been a w

Hi there! :P How are things? Me? Well, right now, I wish I could download LOE, but since I have to ask permission to download anything, it's going to be hard..And my dad already thinks that LOE will cause a visrus.. >.< So apparently, I'll just have to wait..And I'd hate to miss out, to! >.< Anyway, enough about me...CORGI GIF! :o

hey your a mod now!


New Corgi Pone

Ooh, new Corgi pone, congrats mate! :)


Everyone I know have been getting on the team xD

Super jealous of you, still have to wait a few years to apply for the team I wanna be on.


Just wondering..:)

What is your favorite Tamagotchi character? :3


What versions are they anyway? Are they the connection version? And I'm talking about your Tamagotchis.


Hello there! And I have a Tamagotchi myself, it's a v4.5. And it's pretty beaten up. :l And I did have other Tamagotchis, but I'd rather not explain why I don't have them anymore X3.


here u are!


I shall say Blarg to you my friend :P

Music causes changes

I agree that the world will change mostly through music and how well we all act and treat each other... but thats just my opinion.


:3 randomness

you are so awesome!

you are awesome because you were one of my first friends!

I hope we have a good time here and ingame later!

Yeah, what she said. :3