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let me try to answer

I have a feeling Cerebrate is busy so I'm gonna try to answer some of these.

Sky Streak: well first you have to install it... then when you open the file click loe_x32 or x64 (depends on what version you downloaded) then it will ask you to extract files. After that, click yes and it will start extracting. Once that's done you can open L.O.E and play the game. Controls: W A S D to move and if you are a pegasus double press space bar to fly, tap space bar to jump. Hope this helped.


were do you go to play the game ?

cannot login

*couldnt log in; no game acess* what should i do? please help :(

Old com.

Well my computer is from 2009. And there are software blocks on it. I can not download and install new programs. Will there be an online version? Or is there one I have not heard of?


How do you play the game? D: :(

next open server weekend

when will the next open server week is?
i really like the game and i would even buy it if it was on steam!
but its better to be free




can i play

i c wut u did thar

starcraft and ponies? i love it! i actually had a pony mod for SC1 a while back

about the game

where do you go to play the game?