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LoE: Land of the Free, Home of The Ponies!
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Hello there apprentice of the disc! :3

*Levy gives you the formuoli*
Use wisely... I don't know why you requested such a powerful artifact... I don't want to know...
But I have faith in my apprentice, make the order of the disc proud! ovO


I paid my sock taxes, I swear!

Plsdonttakemysocksaway ;;

Hello there, Apprentice of the disc! :P

If you see a pone called Frost Burn, it's over.... you will be booped :3 ovO

Returns your boop with a SHOOP DA WHOOP!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y9YWjrbpzk" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y9YWjrbpzk</a>


What was I thinking. I meant to say pie.

Sowies. I guess I deserve another boop x3


Thankies for the cake. It was delicious.

*Peacekeeper faints from the boop*

Hai again! :3

You seem talented in the ways of the disc ovO

I, the element of disc, shall therefore continue booping you :3

Silly pone :P


You're welcome :)

Hello there Cshadd! :3

*Pulls a fluffy scrunchy face after being booped* :o

Oh... I'm going to boop you a lot now! :P
*Levi approaches you and boops you on your muzzle* :3
Hehe! Scrunchy face! :3

Also, it is impressive that you know a lot about programming ^-^

Love your avatar, Derpy is the best pone! <3