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welp,sparkle left a formula on my comments


welp,you're the only one who know my favourites


hai hai! I'm marshmallow fluff but you can call me marshy! pleasure to meet u as well dashie77!


you are my friend now and you got my  <3 number!

i like number 64 ,16,77 and 2048!

LoE? More like LoB.

It was fun playig with you on LoE and building my Book Empire! xD Hope we can all be accepted to be able to get on the limited access in December. <3


The Book Princess is here! <3


Bookies are best pone.

 - Nova Concordia, Book Empire.

You are a good friend

You are a very good friend. I hope, I see you in the OS (July 29th-31st).
My OC's name is Thunder spin, or if you want I can play with my unicorn OC , Ice gold. :)

                                                                                                                 Hope see you soon, dashie77!


You are a great friend too hope you make even more great friends.

Aww! :3

*Sees the tiny changeling with his Doritos in her hooves
"What a cute little changeling!" :3
"What's that?  You want to take my Doritos?"
"Well er.." *Gets booped on the muzzle, pulls a surprised fluffy scrunchy face and sees the changeling run off with the Doritos anyway :o
"You know what? You can have those Doritos anyway for being adorable!" :3
*Levi walks up to the changeling, and notices that she tries to hide the Doritos*
"No no... I just want to pet you, don't worry, you can enjoy the Doritos" ^-^
*Levi pets the little changeling gently while she nibbles on the Doritos*

Aww! So cute! :3

chloé flora

salut tu parle Français ?


Where r u dashie? We need you in your rps. :(


Unfortunately for me, LoE wouldnt work when I tried to play it! D:

It was A Brilliant time

That was so fun on our last hours of LoE, i do hope You enjoyed it as well :D


We can do ..Adventures of The Dragon Ponies!: The Uprising

How about...

Dragon Adventures

Skyrim Gem Dragons

Um.. hmm..anyone else have any ideas..?


Gem Dragons, maybe? I'm out of ideas...

Someone already did that

GlassMirrior already did that ;-;


Dragon Academy? o 3 o

Make somethign up XD

Like the dragon guild or something