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The man, The voice, The legend
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Hope to see you again!


just a quick comment, how are we doing with the game? do we still have a long way to completing the game? are we in beta yet?


that is all

why get want to play not

why get want to play not




What?!!?!?!?!!?   WHAT!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What happened?

whats wrong

are you till making game? because somepeople is sayng you are not in team enymore.What heppend?

what happened

they say you're not a team member anymore


I miss Swe. ;^;

Thank you

Thank you for bringing to light the information that you did, and for the hard work you did in trying to keep the vessel afloat.  I hope that wherever you go, you will continue in doing what is right.  I'm sorry for things I may have said to you or of you in the past under wrong assumptions, and hope that we might meet again in the future.  Good luck, Swedish Rainbow.

Blazing comment

Best game ever, also love the signature Swebow!


where is the play button?!???


What's wrong with the badge?


I survived the apocalypse, did you?




NIce Profile!

Luna Is awesome

Nice signature ^-^

The game

I was wondering where the download link is


I am here to say....Hi :)

Random Gifts

Here's some candy!
*sets down a crate stuffed to the brim with plasma grenades in front of SweBow*
...Just joking, it's only a bunch of fun explosives to set off.