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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: Yesterday at 17:32:50 »

Well... I think I can squeeze 1 more in. I have 1 whom I havent gotten much responses and auto-dropped unfortunately.

The mechanics are kinda complicated but its to help male you think carefully of tactics. There are attack, defense, magic, and stamina stats. I kinda have written all over the place x3 so gonna get it small enough.

The stats for the 4 stats can be from 0-10 and the max total for all cannot go over 20.

There are regular, special, and hyper/finishers. Regular are normal attack or defense moves. They are what you use normally. Damage can be up to 400 damage, but also with higher damage comes at a cost. Like it can use more stamina, use more magic, have low accuracy, or take more than 1 turn. Magic consumption shouldnt be extremely used up and so is stamina. Accuracy will go as low as 20 cause of an offset in area of miss. The range of accuracy to miss is 15, so anywhere it rolls between 1-15 will be a miss. Here is a sample. Accuracy can range max at 100. Magic and stamina are ranged from 0-100 (as percentage)

Mule Kick
Damage: 100
Stamina: 10
Accuracy: 85

Force field
Full protection up to 100 damage for 1 turn. Reduces damage by 100)
Magic: 20

Specials range up to 2500 damage or so. These should be used sparingly but also take up more magic/stamina. Defense also greatly enhanced.

Hypers are kinda final attacks and are the most powerful in the arsenal. This also have huge sacrifice in magic/stamina as well as accuracy depending on the attack. Max damage is up to 5000. Hypers are not to be used until opponent is below 5000 health or when there is only 10 turns remaining. You can set a list of moves your character will be using. Ill be carefully checking them so if there could be any improvements. Then I give the welcome. Let me know if there are more questions

 :ellowee: HYPE

Man the hype is exponentiated x3 . This is more expressive than the OSW hypes for individual posts. Feeling greatly excited myself too. Gonna be good playing with many many ponies. Well... Countdown to 55 days till the grand opening. Get prepared, stay safe, and be hyped :ellowee:

Secretly cooking veggies cause fave color secretly is green.

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 Jun 25, 04:33:23 »

Thread Games / Re: Corrupt a wish (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 25, 04:32:23 »
Granted, but it got cold. It was hot when it was made x3

I wish for a mirrorless digital camera (unbroken and complete)

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 25, 04:26:04 »
*gives Obsedian cause unfortunately it cooled before I get there*

Its the best I can handle. It was lava when I got it.


Bring me the macaroni

Thread Games / Re: Corrupt a wish (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 22, 04:28:36 »
Okee. Orange you glad you got a punapple? Okay how bout a pear of punapples?

I wish I have more Me Time

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 Jun 22, 04:25:46 »


Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 22, 04:23:16 »
*-Sowies. Was pretty busy with real life stuff.


Okee. Here are the sugar and sweets.


pass me the cheese, please.

Secretly is a fidget spinner

*-* OOH Ima spin ya!

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 Jun 17, 05:01:20 »

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 Jun 15, 00:29:20 »

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 23:37:04 »
That was fast. *TOWEL*


boil the water, but this time don't set it to high.

Off-Topic / Re: The mentions thread.
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 20:38:21 »
Sowies. I underestimated my obligations at home which took me very long to return here.

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 20:33:46 »
Wait... since when can fire rain?

*Tosses a fire extinguisher*


After this is done, clean up the wet mess.

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 19:22:25 »

Wow this went downhill


Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 18:38:53 »
I got ultra hyped my parents heard me throughout the house lol
What got me hyped
I was watching it live and when I saw this, I was like O:


<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFbDmTjS_MI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFbDmTjS_MI</a>


Sign-Up Threads / Re: Holiday Cruise Ship RP [Sign in list]
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 18:33:37 »
*-Sure. Also... at first I thought your avatar was glitchy on my computer but realized that's how its suppose to be lol

Out of Character / Re: Escape to the Future OOC
« on: 2017 Jun 14, 18:27:09 »
 :I Wowzers. That's no good. I do hope that computer doesn't get corrupted to the point of no return.

Also, sorry for a long absence. Had no idea I was gonna be this busy for a while. x3

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