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SO BASICALLY ... I'm following this website since 1+ year and were never able to play. SO THE QUESTION IS : Will we ever plsy this game ? GEEZ ! That's starting to get annoying ! Just upload a beta and then upload it redulary like everyone else ! All online games started like this and then got better afterwards ! I were never able to find any time when the severs were "open", but what's the point of playing TWICE A YEAR ?! SERIOUSLY ? We wanna play !  >:O ... Sorry for being that salty but I'm getting tired to follow this game that looks awsome without any chance to ever play it.  :l That's getting ridiculous, and the more the serie go on, the more you'll have to add to the game ! What's next ? Will we have to pay for it ? Or http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=2470.0"Read the forum rulesty VIP passes or whatever ?I suppose so   >:/ We always only have news of the game but never anything more ! GRRRRRRRR anyways I hope you're enjoying the developement and Good Luck, because a few like me DON'T.

It's alright man, I have the same problem, but it's not that bad if you look in the other hand. If I haven't been on that forum, I wouldn't have met all the friends I have today and I would not have fun PRing. It's not about the game. It's about having fun! I enjoy my friends' company in the chatbox, even if it is often inactive. Please calm down. I personally didn't come here just to play the game. It was the first forum I ever joined and I wanted to have 'the experience' .

We'll have the L.A.R. , and all of us will have more time to practise on playing the game. There's the positive road, the one you may not be able to see. It says that it will be more fun when you will play the game in the full stage, because it'll be perfect - I am sure! You can have fun in the forums instead the game. I have never played the game, but the fun I have at the forums with my buds, even with you @Misty Fly , can't be counted with anything.

Dude, I sound so wise  lol . WOW. I mean it. Just wow!
this is his first post in the forums, and he registered just today.
I just realized too :P . But I wanna keep this wise post of mines for help and Misty to know that I don't hate him .

Also, you haven't been able to play the game, because you were unregistered and unregistered members are not allowed to play it and I think there's no hack.

Thread Games / Complete the lyrics
« on: 2017 Apr 15, 12:53:30 »
While I was watching a YouTube video about Melanie Martinez's life, I turned to the comments and I saw a comment writing "D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E", I opened the replies and saw comments with phrases of Melanie's song : "Dollhouse" . So, this game crashed into my mind. These are the rules and MAKE SURE TO READ THEM BEFORE YOU THINK "OH, I KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT" - .
  • The first player writes a title of a song and the first phrase of the song's lyrics
  • The second player continues the lyrics as long as they know the song
  • When the song ends, the player that wrote the last phrase, writes another title of another song with the phrase etc
  • The song must not contain the following :
    • Swearing
    • Everything else the forum rules do contain
                          ***EXAMPLE ***

Player1: Melanie Martinez : Dollhouse (once I talked about it in the description) . Hey girl open the walls, play with your dolls.
Player2: We'll be a perfect family
Player3: When you walk away, it's when we really play

                                                                  AFTER THE SONG ENDS
Player : D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E I see things that nobody else sees. Twenty one pilots : Stressed out I wish I found some better sounds no one's ever heard
Another player : I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words,

((I am just playing with colours and fonts))

                                HAVE FUN!!!

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And I begin with a fame, forgotten song : Rihanna : Diamonds. Shine bright like a diamond

Introductions / Re: Uhhhh
« on: 2017 Apr 15, 12:07:36 »
How did I get here?
Probably you didn't came by accident. Welcome to the forums! If you need any help on anything , feel free to ask the LoE team, they'll give you the most possible answers. Have fun and don't worry if the crazy ponies lure you, it's the forum madness ... You may get stuck of this sickness one day. Like me ... I'm a little bit ... you know ... ovO .
There is also Roleplays on here which you can enter, note that some of them require you to sign-up beforepaw.
Don't worry if you wanna join, my new duty became to PM the new RPrs ... Just tell me if you want to, if you wish to have a little guide but you should also tell me if you will be coming here, because all the ponies I've PMed ... OH, forget it.  You got it, right? Sorry for confusing ya x3

Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
« on: 2017 Apr 13, 15:19:13 »
I got all the cool stuff in Minecraft! It's awesome! I can make armour, beds and many things with that! And I didn't do anything ... I was just roaming in the village, when I saw a treasure chest inside a house, opened it and .... HERE I GO!!! I HAVE EVERYTHING, SINCE I HAD ALREADY MADE A LARGER CRAFTING TABLE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LUCK!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyy  :D It's the best day of my life!  lol

FAAAAAALSEEE! I HATE MONDAYS! Besides this Monday, 'cause we don't have school

The pony below me celebrates Easter

Sig: 2/10 Signature Not Available, followed by hyperlink without formatting
Actually the signature isn't available to anyone, because I made this myself with PowerPoint x3

A: 9/10 So awesome!  :3
S: 9/10 Corgi dog  :]
PT: 8/10 Sounds like wise, but also, it's a nice question we need an answer

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
« on: 2017 Apr 03, 13:08:12 »
It's 80% impossible to find a way with female characters.

Wait... who's Rose?

General News / Re: [APRIL FOOLS!] Legends of SOCKquestria!
« on: 2017 Apr 02, 04:30:21 »
In the begin I thought : ''But aren't they still testing the game? Why did the background change?" lol and I pushed play and then I was like "OH! I got it! It's April fools day!" Nice game !


Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
« on: 2017 Apr 01, 03:23:52 »
It's weird we are both using female characters . I don't know. If the boutique was opened something was going to happen with those dresses I bet. Not sure ... I think we should wait for Misty, to answer.

PT: 7/10 What if 'twas a severe thunderstorm hmm?  :]
*Thunderstorm hits LunarDusk while he was dancing in the rain* JK x3 . I stole it from an old song x3

A:8/10 Like it!
S: 9/10 Sonic ... Normal, I guess?
PT: 6/10 It makes sense..

Thread Games / Re: Misquote the pony above you (reactivated)
« on: 2017 Mar 31, 14:02:01 »
Want to catch some pokemon balls with me?
Wait for meeeeeeee!!!! I must go and find my phooooneeee!!!

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Mar 31, 13:59:19 »
No, you don't need one. I'm the worse at making smoothies.


Make a smoothie for Purple !

How could you guess  O: ? I HATE Maths and we have a test on maths this Thursday DD:

The pony below me likes board games Who doesn't

3D Modeling / Re: 3D Models from White Pony
« on: 2017 Mar 26, 14:22:56 »
I love these shocks! :3

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 Mar 24, 11:31:51 »
We have no cards


Go to the market and buy cards. It'll sure have some. Buy the best ones!

Thread Games / Re: Misquote the pony above you (reactivated)
« on: 2017 Mar 24, 11:31:35 »
I'm stuck in an elevator D: ! It can't get worse!
*lights close*
Take this flashlight and remember to not say "It can't get worse" , because it always can  ;)

Thread Games / Re: Username Combo
« on: 2017 Mar 24, 11:10:08 »

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