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I know anybody will post here ... I made it because the forum rules talk about discussion topics and I want to follow it. Just discuss about the story if you have read it. Lemme know about any mistakes you think I have made.

Writing / Learning to care about eachother
« on: 2017 May 07, 12:11:53 »
Intro : After I read again the bio I have written for Force Chaser , I thought of continuing Force's and Lightning Key's bio into a story. It is going to have two three chapters Disclaimer : If you don't like kinds of love and romantic stories stop reading. Instead if you do like them, read the story below! Enjoy!

Lightning is thinking all the time about her family. She is missing home for two years.  Are her brothers alright? What about the rest of her relatives? She wants to know. But it is difficult for her to leave the Everfree Forest. She is now one with all the wild animals that live there. The only thing she was sure she had to do is light fire, because night is coming. Meanwhile, in Ponyville, her parents are taking a look at the photos they had taken with Lightning Key. It was exactly two years ago the date she left them. They were all crying. They had put a letter on a branch of the most beautiful tree in Everfree, hoping one day she finds it. And the miracle happens. Looking for branches and sticks, Lightning flies up to the branch the letter was hung on. She sees it and takes it to her tent. She guessed it was from her parents before she opens it.

"Honey, are you alright out there? We miss you a lot. We are all together writing this letter to you, because we want to explain how hard it is to live without you. And to tell you that Force was in prison for two months. We hope this makes you feel better. So ... Living without a part of your family isn't easy ...! I know, you are missing for two years. But we still haven't used to living without you. Your brothers really miss you and aunt Drop has made plushies of you for them and most of the kids in out family. We wanted to let you know. Every time one of us goes to church, they always light a candle for you. We really miss you. Your father has repented for what he told you and he wants you back. We miss you a lot. Please, write us a letter when you have time. We want to know how you live out there. Be careful! - love, all of your relatives"

It was the first time Lightning sweetened for something. Tears of happiness were running on her face. She had forgotten it was night outside. She packed all of her stuff, to get ready for her trip back to Ponyville. She was excited and now she had a good reason to tell her brain that they are going back. She couldn't sleep, until midnight, when she thought it is better to sleep now she felt sleepy.

The sun appeared from behind the mountain, waking up all the animals. Except for Lightning. She was still sleeping, as she went to bed late last night. Birds were singing their beautiful songs. Frogs were jumping in the lake, from waterlily to waterlily. Everything seemed peacefully. Not for a long time. A scream stopped everything in the finally-peaceful-forest. It was Lightning that woke up and realized the train to Ponyville arrives in a few minutes and her tent was far away from the train station. She puts the tent inside her bag and leaves flying quickly to the station. She felt her heart breaking. When she arrived to the station the train just came. She entered the train with a sign of happiness.  She sat in a seat only looking at the view of the window. She was going to Ponyville again! How much would the city have changed?

The journey was very long , but that didn't mind Lightning. As long as she knew she was going back to her family, she didn't care about anything else. Right then she remembered Force Chaser, her bully. How many ugly things has he done to her? He was bullying her since she was two years old. And the last time he bullied her was the day he left the camping, exactly two years ago. Ten years enemies! Maybe twelve! Now, every beautiful sight from outside the window became an ugly place. Lightning wanted to go back to the Everfree. although she knew it is impossible to stop the train from cosigning those people to their places. She sleeps to make those bad memories leave her.

The train arrives, waking up Lightning Key. She was at Ponyville. All the good and sad memories she had during her life in Ponyville came back into her mind. For her bad luck, she hears a familiar voice.

"Hey Shortie! See you came back to Ponyville! Miss your family, huh?" It was Force talking to her.
"Yes, my smarty boy, I came back to see my family. Any problems with that?" She turns back and faces him. At the same moment Force's rudeness began taking a nap, making his face more clear.
"Yeah ... I see ..." he says looking down at the ground. His ears are now down and his face seems sweeter to Lightning.

For the first time Force felt sad for one of his friends. Lightning's face was hurt and there was dry blood on her left ear, the one she had an earring. Her wings were missing feather. Her eyes were both hurt. Force couldn't look at this sight of Lightning Key.

"What's wrong with you? First you are mean to me and now you are crying!" Lightning was ready to slap him and he was up to turn his head, but Lightning changed her thought and went to find her house.

It didn't take her a long time to find it. She ringed the door. A grey stallion with black mane opened. 'He should be sad, he's only looking down' Lightning thought. Obviously, it was the truth.

"Who are you" he asked in his deep voice.

"I ... I am Lightning Key" she answered.

"Lightning Key .. Hmmm ... I see ... your relatives are waiting for you in the living room"

They walk inside the room. Lightning is very surprised. She had not seen her relatives for two years and they all looked different. Even Force Chaser - he was sweeter to her! Then, she remembered what had happened and she is now sure it's good to be back home. It's a great feeling to see your relatives again! It's even nice to meet your bullies!


Chapter 2


Her whole family is here. They all run and hug her one by one. Now she feels lucky her family cares about her. Her aunt took her to see the plushies she had made. She has a great time spending her day with her family. And her day became better when her cousin suggested her to go and find her friends. She adores her friends as much as she adores going on walks with them. So, after they discussed for a quarter, she left them to re-explore Ponyville with her old friends.

She was near a cafe called "The packed tuna" when she heard a voice calling her.

" Lightning! Oh goodness, good to see you are back" one of her male friends, the one she was 'closest in thoguths' was talking to her . Lightning didn't really like him. However, he was better than the other males she had met.
"Yes, I am back to see my family" she stated.
"So, Platinum, why are you here?"

"Just going on a walk" says the stallion named Platinum Sky. He has sky blue coat, lime green mane and tail and forest green eyes.

Meanwhile, Force is four steps away from them. He sees him talking to Lightning. He takes a seat at the restaurant nearby and spies them.

"Wanna go somewhere together?" Platinum asks her to make her trust him. A few years ago, he had told her that he passed the same experiences she does and now he tries to make her his girlfriend so he will be more rich, as he knew that Lightning is a descendant of a rich family in Las Pegasus.

"I can't . I am out to meet my friends again" she says , trying to escape from going somewhere with him. She had thought of something, a reason he wants to be with her. Because the last three years it was more clear that he didn't love her. And she didn't love him AT ALL.

Force stands up and quietly follows Lightning.  He reveals himself, while they were walking under a pink dogwood tree.

"Uh ...Short-Wing ... " he says, never forgetting the nicknames.  " I wanna talk to you for a little while"

" Huh? You? Want to talk to me? You're not kidding, right? " she says confused.

"Seriously ... I have to ..." he continues nervously, scraping his hooves.

"A aaalright? Let's just sit here" she points a bench under the tree .

"Uh, can't we go somewhere more private? Like somewhere around the train station, since tourists aren't coming this season?"

"I suppose?! But why do you want to talk to me? You're my bully remember? We're enemies!" she feels worried. What if he lost his memories? She had no idea what was the reason she was worried about that.

"I do remember" he states and leads her to the way to the train station.

Lightning is still wondering why would he want to talk to her. There was no answer coming inside her brain. Force sits in another bench, under a lovely , full of green tree. Lightning lays next to him.

"You remember the crocodile that pulled you in the lake, right?" he begins talking sweet and quietly to his finally friend.

"Ugh, I was sure about that ! " She says annoyed he did it to hurt her.

"I just wanna let you know ... Also, the flashlight that blinded you for a week ...! I put it there !" His head turns down.

Lightning was crying for a reason she couldn't understand. Her tears stop running as her phone rings. Her parents were calling her to meal with the others. She excuses Force and asks him for a little help on showing her the way to her house, in case he still remembers it. He feels like putting his wing on her, however he holds himself to not do so, and takes her to her house. He leaves immediately
, so her relatives won't see him with her.

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
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So ... I'll add Amethyst Clouds

Original Characters / Re: My OCs for Role Playing
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Changed Thunder Spin speaking colour.

Post Merge

I made Lightning Key
Lightning Key

Name: Lightning Key
Personality: Adventurous, determined, free. Likes only kinds of strong animals as she is strong herself. Hates to be called beautiful or girly.
Gender: Transgender ?
Age: 14
Race: Pegasus
Height : 3'8
Talent: Making the weather stormy. She succeeds that easily.
Family : Comet Flash (father, 57 - house maker, pegasus) Nightlight Swirl (mother, 54 - baker, pegasus) Water Rain (sister, 16 - student at senior high school, pegasus) , Silver Cloud - Maple Clouds (twin brothers, 5 - toddlers, pegasi)
How she got her cutie mark?: Flying to the skies in a sunny day is something she used to hate/still hates . Not knowing how to do it and if she could, Lightning wanted to make the weather more ... dark. She was roaming around the sky to find a way to do it. The easiest way  (putting clouds in the sky)  hadn't passed from her mind yet. After a long while she finally got a way. Every year she was putting more clouds and jumping on them more easily, so she got her CM in her 7.
Bio: Born into a farm, Lightning was born hardly, onto straw. Her sister was two years old then and she was at her aunt's house. Her mother hoped Lightning wasn't going to be such a noisy baby like her sister, but she was wrong. She was even more noisy than her sister. Her mother almost died after she got her born. But she became better after the doctors and nurses took care of her inside the hospital and after nine years she was able to give birth to two twin males. Now, back to Lightning Key's life.When she got older , all the girls in about her age were pretending they were older. Lightning hated that .

In her school, fillies didn't want to play with her because she was boyish and colts didn't play with her because she was a filly. She wanted to get rid of all of them, so she often wrote on their notebooks. She hated life. Lightning is somepony that would be flying all the day. That didn't make her cutie mark appear and many kids on her neighborhood were bullying her and calling her "blank-flank". Lightning talked back to them and most of her bullies didn't bully her. And all her childhood bullies have stopped bullying her since a long time. Except for one. One that Lightning hates. Force Chaser. He always tries to find something to comment to her. How awful it would be , he would comment it to make her feel bad. How many times has Lightning contradicted him? More than 80!

In her 12s, she had gone on a camping , sadly Force was in, into the Everfree Forest. It wasn't scary at all for her. Only in the begin. The last day of the camping, in the morning before anyone wakes up , she went to a deep lake to take a morning bath, when suddenly a crocodile pulls her inside the water. She almost drowned. Before losing her mind, she succeeded to give a hard kick to the crocodile, making him leave embarrassed about the situation. Her back legs and wings were caught by water plants, so the camp leader and the others didn't notice her. A few minutes after she drowned, she woke up and drank water. She remembered what had happened, and swam out of the lake. It was afternoon and she was hungry. She killed a turtle and ate it. At night, she saw a flashlight and thought they finally found her. But for her bad luck , it was Force Chaser who was holding the flashlight. He dropped the flashlight on her head, sure that she won't react . Lightning really wanted to kill him, but her powers left her and she slept there. Her parents were very worried about her. Same for her sister. Lightning is living alone inside Everfree and she tours every new comers. Her family thinks she is dead and they blame Force Chaser for her death. They even had a betrayal for her.

If you're interested about her bully, read the Bio below

And let's add Force Chaser. Of course he won't have a very long backstory as I make him to continue a part of Lightning's bio.
Force Chaser
Name: Force Chase
Personality: Cool, Adventurous, risk-taking , tough, sorta nutshell. Dislikes nature.
Gender: Male
Age: 14.5
Race: Pegasus
Height: 4'9
Talent: Flying pretty fast.
Family: Solar Sky (father, 55 - hydraulic , pegasus) Lunar Fire (mother, 50 - pharmacist , pegasus) Golden Venture (brother, 18 - student at senior high school) dusty (pet snake , 8 )
How he got his Cutie Mark? : You would say playing video games. Well, nope. He got his CM in a flying race. Purposive to win the race, he flied as fast as he could, making a kind of sonic boom and leaving a blue line behind him, he won the race with a huge distance.
Bio: His parents were at work all day and his brother was mostly taking care of him. But not real care. He was mostly looking at his own business forgetting his little brother. His parents were trying to do everything to not be at work all day because they love him a lot. Still, this wasn't enough for Force. So he learnt to live himself. That's the reason his personality is tough and he is a bully.

You want to know the reason he picked to bully Lightning Key his hole life? He picked her, mostly 'cause she is transgender. Because she was boyish and acted more like a boy than a girl.

The last two years he is more interested learning more about her. But as he hadn't learned what it means to love and to be loved, he has no idea about his true feelings. He really misses her and often thinks of going back to Everfree to find her and try to be friends with her. He knows it is impossible. They had shut him in prison for two months. When he'll get out again, the first thing he wants to do is go to his family. But Force still remembers Lightning and he's thinking of going to find her. Only thinking. He will never leave his bullying to her. Never? Not really ... !

Sign-Up Threads / Re: The Yggdrasil Labyrinth [Sign Up/OOC]
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:nod: I didn't leave

Introductions / Re: An intro post
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I don't know how to RP very well and I would like to begin RPing. I'll appreciate it if you help me. If you want, of course.

Don't worry! I'll help ya out with RPing! This is the reason I PM every new RPer! Welcome to the forums and RPs. Hope to see you in one RP one day.

Original Characters / Re: The problem with my OC
« on: 2017 May 01, 04:53:10 »
It is a nice OC, why would you change it? Uhh, if you don't want it to look like Eli's you can just brighten the coat color or change the mane style. Your OC looks good just the way it is.

Thread Games / Re: Throw Something at the pony above you!
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*Throws pineapple*

Secretly is sold to a miserable

Kardashians JK . Knowledge

Introductions / Re: Howdy!
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Welcome to the forums! If you need any help on anything , feel free to ask the LoE team, they'll give you the most possible answers. Have fun and don't worry if the crazy ponies lure you, it's the forum madness ... You may get stuck of this sickness one day. Like me ... I'm a little bit ... you know ... ovO

Hope to meet you in chat one day and in RPs. If you need any help on RPing, feel free to PM me , it became my duty to PM people about RPing. Otherwise, I can sent you a PM right today!

Have fun and don't worry. I am sure with the help of the entire community , you'll feel more convenient.

Introductions / Re: Uhm...hi?
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It's good to meet a friend's friend! Welcome to the forums! I hope to meet you around chat. Don't worry, you'll make lots of friends here very quickly! I already added ya. I hope you like hugs because your buddy has sticked me the hugging sickness. *Hugs Max.Cherry* . Eh ... Since Levi has both the hug sickness and the other sickness ... I bet you have gone nuts and I don't need to talk to you about this sickness.

Again : Welcome to our community and have fun around here

Came back into this thread game!

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
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Alrighty, welp, here we go!

Name: Bluebell
Age: 14
Race: Earth pony
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bluebell is, as his name suggests, quite, well blue. His coat is sky blue, while his mane and tail (both of which are short and curly) are a dark sapphire blue. His eyes are lavender.
Personality: Blue is to say the least, awkward. He's timid and clumsy but sweet and he means well. He's a  fairly quiet guy most of the Time too.

Thanks :3 ! What you did was very nice! We don't often change characters :s .

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
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Sky doesn't really have a set age, but he's aged somewhere between his late twenties and early thirties, but I could change and use a younger OC if that'd be easier for anyone involved?

That should help. Nah, I forgot it doesn't have tp be around 13 it can be 14-15-16-17 .

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
« on: 2017 Apr 26, 06:40:06 »
IDK. Somebody that is closest to 13 years old.

Original Characters / Re: How well do you know your OC?
« on: 2017 Apr 24, 13:00:43 »
I'll do that too . It interested me a lot.
Answered questions for Thunder Spin
1:What's your OCs favorite color?
1:What's your OCs favorite color?

Cyan/blue navy

2:Where does your OC work?

She's a student , so ... she is at a school

3:What's your OCs favorite food?

Eh. That is not very easy ... Pizza

4:Does your OC have a favorite drink?

Coca cola.

5:How old is your OC?

She's 13 . Her b'day's in mines, September 7th (idk if it is needed)

6:Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

Dark powers or something

7:Is your OC in a relationship?

Actually no. She has male friends, but she's not in relationship. SHE'S TOO SMALL.

8:What are some of your OCs strengths?

Well , she's very fast at flying and drawing too.

9:What are some of your OCs weaknesses?

Cuteness. Yawning.

10:What is your OCs favorite outfit?

Adidas shoes, hoodie, shorts

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?

Dragon I bet ...

12:Is your OC currently in school?

As she is 13. Yups.

13:What is your OCs earliest memory?

When she begun flying .

14:Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?

A samsung one ? I like samsung's phones, but I am not sure. It sure won't be apple's.

15:What makes your OC angry?

Again : When others act way cute to her. When boys try to flert her (they don't , but if they would, it would annoy her) . When she sees other females (either younger or elder than her) acting very girly.

16:When is your OCs favorite time of year?

Autumn . If that counts, because it is a season.

17:How long can your OC hold their breath?

15 seconds are the maximum number.

18:What is your OCs favorite holiday?

Summer vacation. Because school ends for a long while.

19:What usually bums your OC out?
If she's the one from her buds that hasn't/has joined something. When her family talks to her about her baby years

20:What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?

Pizza with salami.

21:Who is your OCs best friend?

She's a cat-pony called Sweet Cat.

22:Has your OC ever been arrested?

God thanks, no.

23:Whats your OCs biggest secret?

That she sorta likes a male from her school.

24:What does your OC smell like?

Mountain  :P

25:What time of year does your OC prefer?

I said autumn.

26:What race is your OC?

Dark pegasus/pegasus

27:What languages does your OC speak?

English, French, Slovak and some kind of German.

28:Does your OC like anime? Western Cartoons?

She used to watch TV when she was younger. She doesn't really like anime or other cartoons anymore. IDK.

29:Can your OC swim?

She's a very good swimmer.

30:What would be your OCs favorite movie?

Nah. What did I say about TV? Maybe scary films .

31:Does your OC believe in fairies?

No. Even if she did, she hates fairies.

32:Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?

Man, she's still at school. I am thinking about art or wonderbolt ...

33:How many family members does your OC have?

I never counted them. Like my family, let's think that I have many aunts, cousins and uncles ... more than 15 members.

34:Is your OC a huge fan boy/girl over anything?

She's way small to think of something like that. She just likes him, she never had a crush on him and he never had a crush on her as they don't talk a lot together.

35:How flexible is your OC?

Depending on her feelings.

36:What if they were gender bent?

More selfish and a little bit stronger and faster. She was probably going to look at the most positive side of everything.

37:What was your OCs first word?


38:Does your OC have any pets?

A pet dog, two dead parrots.

39:Who is your OCs biggest enemy?

Uncaring. Does that count or I must say a person? The old barbie.

40:What is the craziest thing your OC has done?

She tried to reach the moon flying .

41:What is your OCs motto about life?

"Believe to yourself and everything is possible"

42:Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

She's young to drink coffee. Tea.

43:Who is your OCs biggest hero?

She doesn't have one.

44:What color eyes does your OC have?


45:Does your OC like reading?

She likes lots of other things more than reading.

46:Is your OC loyal?

She's only loyal when she knows that the friend she gotta trust is loyal. Ah, you reminded me of tha pone x3 .

47:Does your OC tolerate violence?


48:What social class is your OC?

She's not social , but she tries to be

49:What country was your OC born in?

In my country, it's somewhere in Europe

50:Does your OC cry easily?

She's a nutshell.

51:What is your OCs favorite genre of music?

Electro and trap.

52:How does your OC feel about insects?

"Why are those @&%$ insects around me??"

53:What are your OCs hobbies?

Art, dancing, tennis

54:Does your OC use any medication?

She's alright. No

55:What gender is your OC?


56:What kind of clothes or accessories does your OC wear?

She rarely wears earrings.

57:Would you call your OC adventurous?


58:Is your OC social?

She wants to be

59:What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?

Her coat colour. There aren't many cyan OCs out there, are there?

60:Does your OC enjoy nature?

Not a lot.

Post Merge
Lemme add the origins

Out of Character / Re: Love is in the Air OOC
« on: 2017 Apr 23, 10:38:47 »
I don't know if you're all paired or grouped up now, but Sterling Sky is also still open if anyone wanted to pair up with him.
I am thinking of continuing this RP with another OC. If Misty has no problem or he isn't RPing here anymore, my OC can give her company to yours.

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