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Art / Re: Mlp eyes on SAI
« on: Yesterday at 19:49:38 »
For the gradients, I use GIMP.  For everything else, I use MicroSoft Paint.

Note:  I use a mouse to draw.

Off-Topic / Re: Favourite Planets
« on: 2017 Mar 22, 12:34:29 »
I'll have to say my favourite is HD 114762 b, the first exoplanet discovered (1989, confirmed 1991).

Music / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: 2017 Mar 21, 21:54:12 »
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1rtobX6uUM" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1rtobX6uUM</a>

Off-Topic / Re: Peace Keeper
« on: 2017 Mar 18, 22:52:07 »
If you wish to have it be an actual RP, please start a thread in the Roleplaying subforum with your first post being a role play post.  You can post anything out of character via the
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[spoiler]Spoiler tags.[/spoiler]

Off-Topic / Re: Peace Keeper
« on: 2017 Mar 18, 05:50:01 »
Moved topic to appropriate location.

Video Games / Re: What's your favorite video game?
« on: 2017 Mar 12, 20:46:56 »
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Video Games / Re: The hardest Minecraft evil mobs
« on: 2017 Mar 11, 05:18:30 »
The only one I can truly say is the Ender Dragon.  I have virtually no issue with any other mob, even on hardcore mode.

Thread Games / Re: Hey you! You're awesome! <3
« on: 2017 Mar 11, 02:27:31 »
Hey, @Rattletrap ,

I know I don't say it enough (or at all, probably), but I really appreciate all you do.  I'm truly honoured to work alongside you in Implementation. ^-^

Thread Games / Re: Poorly Draw the Pony Above You
« on: 2017 Mar 11, 02:05:02 »
One Cheerilee, coming up.

Since nobody else is going to... I'll break the ice.  Draw Jade.

General News / Re: Legends of Equestria at NYC Ponycon!
« on: 2017 Feb 28, 05:31:10 »
L.A.R? more like O.S.W (Open Server Weekend)
No, Thundergirl was right.  They need to wait until applications for the next Limited Access Release stagger opens.

Thread Games / Re: Hey you! You're awesome! <3
« on: 2017 Feb 28, 04:54:33 »
I'll give a go.  After all, why not get the ball rolling, eh?  I'll be kinda generic, tho.

Hey @Segatendo !  I love you!

I told you I was going to be generic, but hey, it works.

I've watched up to the end of season seven, and regretted every one after season two.  It fell into a slippery slope to being absolutely abysmal from season three onward for me.

Video Games / Re: What are you currently playing?
« on: 2017 Feb 21, 08:43:59 »
Diablo III and Fallout 4.  This is, of course, when I'm not doing LoE work.

Off-Topic / Re: Tired mistakes
« on: 2017 Feb 21, 06:33:32 »
I tried implementing a quest.  It took the rest of the year to fix all the mistakes I made.

Off-Topic / Re: What's Your Desktop Background?
« on: 2017 Feb 07, 21:55:55 »

Thread Games / Re: Rate the Avatar above you
« on: 2017 Jan 26, 22:38:38 »
I did.  It was a quick sketch, however, so it's very.... rough.

As per yours, they're a touch slim, but I could tell it's not commissioned by a well known artist.  The colours... are a touch odd, as per the red variants next to a green coat, but the simplicity is really nice.  I'd give it a 6/10 in total.

Thread Games / Re: Rate the Avatar above you
« on: 2017 Jan 25, 19:28:29 »
You know, that kind of looks like @Ryo_D_Disk as a changeling...  That being said, I do like the design of his OC, and combined with that really soft atmosphere, I can give you a pretty firm 8/10:  If I find the artist, I'd definitely look over their other works as well.

General News / Re: Legends of Equestria is Hiring!
« on: 2017 Jan 20, 12:53:17 »
If I recall right, you have to be at least sixteen years of age for all teams bar Human Resources and Moderation, where you must be at least eighteen years of age.

Thread Games / Re: Throw Something at the pony above you!
« on: 2016 Nov 27, 23:43:59 »
AN ENTIRE PONY VILLAGE is what I throw at you!

Pony Off-Topic / Re: What pony race are you?
« on: 2016 Nov 27, 19:58:19 »
Wolf or Pegasus.

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