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Site Suggestions & Bugs / Flutteryay and boop emotes
« on: 2016 Dec 06, 15:49:38 »
Hello, I was liking to suggest adding emotes to the forum. Hopefully if it isn't too much to ask, but I can provide you what i have so you can use em for the site. Here is what I have drawn.

Flutteryay emote:

Boop emote:

Twilight boop emote:

Hope these are good enough for use. I am open for questions if you need.

Art / 2016 Secret Santa Event.
« on: 2016 Nov 23, 04:22:17 »
Hello everybody. Welcome to the 2016 Secret Santa Art Event. Now, honestly I really miss doing a secret santa drawing for someone and it was pretty fun to draw. Unfortunately last year didn't happen and so I was hoping this year I can finally start one. Right now, I am my only support, so bare with me x3 . Sorry, I am very timid cause this is my first time starting an event like this, but I really want to create something like this. Probably be a bit late to open this up, but hopefully we can get enough people to join in on this event.

I am hoping we can get at least 5 people for this event. I also would make the deadline at November 30th so we can begin randomizing the people you will be drawing for. I will add a list of people who will be participating. However, if we do not get at least 5 people participating, I guess it is still doable with at least 3.

You don't have to be super awesome in drawing, as long as you enjoy drawing and like to give a gift this holiday. Anything you can provide with heart is welcomed.

Now, I understand there may be situations that will prevent you to finish your drawing on time, so if you know you will not be able to finish before the deadline, let me know immediately so that we can accomodate for the person you are drawing for so nobody is left without a gift.

The deadline will be on the 23rd of December 12 AM GMT. Then the drawings will be presented on the 25th of December 12 AM GMT(or sometime soon that date depending on my Christmas situations x3 ) so that everyone can see their gifts.

If you are interested, just post down here along with your mention to me so that I can add you to the list. If you got any questions, just let me know and I can try to get to answering as soon as I can.

Alright, so hopefully everything is all set. Hope to enjoy this Secret Santa with all of you, and may all of you have a good Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!


OOHH Three more thing to add. Sorry I am late of this.
1) Post which OC you are offering up to be drawn for the event.
2) You will all recieve the message on which person you will be drawing for.
3) Once you finished your drawing, submit them to me by PM (messages). I will reveal all the drawings by the post date.

-----------LIST OF PARTICIPANTS-----------
- Peace Keeper
- Cyree123
- Aqua Fire
- GlassMirror
- DancingPurpleSloth08

Sign-Up Threads / Fight for Freedom: Tournament RP Sign Up
« on: 2016 Oct 17, 04:59:42 »
Welcome to the RP where you will be battling some of the top warriors. Here is the scenario.

Welcome to Horror Wing Palace...

There is a being by the name of Darkstalker who is freed from his 2000 year prison and has chosen and captured some of the mightiest beings around. His intention is to see who is the most worthy opponent for his almighty power. He seals the captives in cages specifically built in their specifications to be impossible to break out by all means. He will only let them out, but in the form of a tournament, in which he will force each of the captives to fight their way to freedom. The winner of the tournament will be granted the freedom, but little will they know that they will have a 1 on 1 final battle against the one who started the tournament. If they captives refuse to battle, Darkstalker will strip the power out of the captive, along with being held captive for good. To keep the tournament active and without a hitch, he had captured a dragon by the name of Horror Wing, or by another name Queen Galaxia. She is captive in an island designed to prevent her escaping, and any attempts will threaten her health.

Now, this will tend to be more of a battle RP, and will be by a bracket system, so there will be pairing of opponents who will be battling. Now, here is something to know. This will be something unique that it will allow OCs who previously would be overpowered granted access to this RP. Now how powerful they can be? Well, there is a set limit to how powerful they can be. Here is a list below to show the max limitations.

- Character cannot be powerful enough to cause changes of the planet, such as rotation, land mass shifts, or removal of cosmic bodies. All power can only be down to earth.
- Power cannot be so powerful as to cause damage to the planet that endangers the beings living on it.
- Magical abilities could be higher than the Elements of Harmony, but cannot yield a power beyond that of Rainbow Power.

And of course the golden rules:
- You cannot be untouchable.
- You cannot be invulnerable
- You do not give 1-hit KOs
- You cannot force a hit
- You do not power play the opponent (unless under circumstances that both players mutually agree)
- You do not have instant recovery/regeneration
- You do not control the game play or outcome.

Alright. So now the limitations are out of the way, now it is the next things about the RP. The battle scenes will all be under forum rules, so try not to go overboard with descriptions and wording. Which means if you will have to change your attacks a bit so that it fits within the rules. Also there will be a dice and stat system so that it will fall more fairly to the game. The stats for attacks and defenses will also need to be fair. The specifics of the numbers will be worked on soon and will be updated here when it is finalized.

Note that you will still be able to continue RPing even if you have been eliminated. That way nobody will be left out. So for now, I will update a bit more stuff here. In the meantime, if you are interested in an RP like this, feel free to sign up. You can just put basic details of your character. Once everything is finalized, I may ask for more details of your character.

OSW over? Got some videos or livestreams you like to share?

Post Your OSW videos and share here!!!

Showcase what you explored in the game. Show your friends how you play with friends. Let others know what they may have missed out. Relive the moments you had with your buds.

Feel free to drop by and share your moments for everyone to see. Just make sure that your videos are kid-friendly.

Here are some vids I have taken during the July OSW.

Dancing with some new buds. Also first time seeing the hat stack glitch on the first 2 hours of OSW
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRbh36G6nKQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRbh36G6nKQ</a>

A run-around on a mission in Crystal Kingdom
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8KDO3djigc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8KDO3djigc</a>

You can find the rest on my Youtube playlist.

Hope you enjoy the videos, and like to see some of your videos you have taken. Hope to see you all again on the next LoE event.

Sign-Up Threads / Holiday Cruise Ship RP [Sign in list]
« on: 2016 Apr 17, 15:11:57 »
Hello and welcome to the Holiday Cruise Line RP sign-up. Here you input your character's information to which you will be using in this RP. All required for this RP is character name, species/race, gender, and appearance. Though not a requirement, adding extra information about your character does help learn more about the character. Here is a format that should work well to fill your character's information.

*Personality/short bio:

*: optional information.

There isn't much of a limit to the kind of characters that can be accepted. Characters that are too extraordinary or exaggerated to fit in this type of RP cannot be accepted. Since this RP is intended for a vacation type RP, there is no need for supervillains or viceous beasts of some sorts. Other than that, nearly any character can be entered.

Hope to see you in the RP.

Out of Character / Hoof Camp RP OOC
« on: 2016 Mar 16, 20:22:49 »
Welcome to the Hoof Camp RP OOC.

Here we can discuss stuff  about the RP, have fun chatting, sharing info, or just to do whatever.

 :P Wow that was a quick setup

Out of Character / Love is in the Air OOC
« on: 2016 Feb 09, 04:28:03 »
Welcome to the Love is in the Air OOC. Here you can discuss about the RP and plan things out with others, or just come here to hang out to talk about stuff.

Hope all of you have fun.
Also, You can post your OC info here for reference for others to read.

Art / A Year In Perspective
« on: 2015 Dec 31, 03:54:48 »
Hello everyone. Well a lot probably don't know, but I have been drawing for some time but I was mostly underground due to me not really showing off my drawings. I really don't tend to show off my drawings other than to my friends and to those who asked to draw for them. Honestly, while doing this I was super shy making a thread to showcase my year in perspective; my drawings from over the year 2015. Had so much fun drawing them, even though I am a super noob at drawing them digital. The first drawing I did was actually my 3rd actual digital drawing I did.

Well it started to me saying "you know what? I should draw for others. Hopefully it aint all too bad, but at least they can get an OC drawn to make them happy." I never though of myself as an artist or a good drawer, but I really wanted to give them something. And so 12 months pass by and each drawing I finish it always wonders how much they will like it, and what booboos I will be leaving behind. In the end of the day, they greatly appreciated the drawings I did for them. So glad to make them happy. And so to commemorate the year of drawing I done for people I compiled my complete list into one. And so here it is.

I like to wish you all a Happy New Years. Hope I can make a difference in 2016.

You got a collage or a year of drawings you compiled together as well?
You can also post your collage here as well if you wish to showcase your entire year of drawings in one place. If you got a long list of drawings done this year, a spoiler box works perfect. I like to see your compilation as well.
Will thank you for sharing and hope you can continue your artistry for another year.

Out of Character / STRANDED (OOC Thread)
« on: 2015 Dec 16, 00:10:07 »
Welcome to the Stranded OOC thread.

Here you can talk about stuff about the RP or just want to hang out and chat here.

Basically that is it for what goes here. Let the OOC commense.

Sign-Up Threads / STRANDED (Sign up thread)
« on: 2015 Dec 15, 23:56:54 »
Welcome to the Stranded RP sign up thread.

IF you are looking to sign up to the RP you've come to the right place.
If you are looking for the actual RP, here it is:

Now on to the sign ups. General rules for this RP are:
--All race and species OCs are acceptable (perferably ponies but I accept any kind of OC)
--Of course no OPs. (You can limit your OC if you feel it is too powerful or talented. Just make it fair enough)
--Your OC does not have the ability to reach out to civilization.
--Also your OC cannot communicate with civilization that easily.
--Violence must be kept to at most mild/cartoon violence.

Some others:
--I will be doing all major plotlines and situations. If you got an idea you like to share, feel free to ask in the OOC. I may grant permission for you to become the game master. Just remember to stay within the forum rules and to keep relevant to the RP.

--It is possible to OOC in the thread. But we wouldn't want to flood the RP with OOC. We can taco bout it in the OOC thread.

--Also there are times the RP may lean to something inappropriate or to something that may not make sense for the RP. IF such a thing happens, I do have the ability to rewind to a previous state or powerplay it so that it returns to a more suitable state.

--And of course all forum rules apply.

and that is basically it. Now you know the drill of rule-breakings. Not need to say much there X3 .

Now how to sign up? Well basically the most important information is your OC's name, race or species, talents and personalities. You can add extra info if you like.

And that is it. Now you are ready to sign up.

Post Merge
Here is my OC info that I am playing as.

NAME: Cheveyo
Race/Species: Pony/Earth
Appearance: Metallic black. Scruffy mane and tail (silver primary white secondary). Gold eye color. Wears a red mask.
Talent: Guardian. Can feel and speak to the spirits using his sacred axe. Can also obtain its talent but not its power and magic.
*For this RP spirits are remote, revealing no information on their wherabouts, so his axe's ability is useless for spiritual connection.
Personality/traits: Brave, obedient, somewhat gullible, and punctual. Great fighter. Sometimes gets overprotective.

Art Requests / A little request if ya like... X3
« on: 2015 Oct 10, 03:53:12 »
Well... here I am again... requesting... again X3

I got an OC that I finally created recently. His info I had in my head for a while, but an actual pony self has been remodified before finally making this. I really don't know who to turn to, but then I decided to just make a new thread and see who would like to volunteer. It could be something super simple, colored, anthro-ed, any way is alright with me ^-^

Here is the OC along with info here.
Arco Iris
Name: Arco Iris
Gender: Male
Type: Pegasus

If any more info or anything, just gimme a notice. I will really thank you for accepting the request.

Welcome to the Equestria Games OOC thread. This is where you can talk about stuff within the RP, got questions, or just feel chatty about stuff and just have fun.

If you happen to want to find the actual RP, it is located here below:

However, if you want to be a competitor, you need to sign up here:

If you are not part of the RP, its alright. You don't need actually be part of the RP to come here. Feel at home here.
Let the intermission begin!

Welcome to the Equestria Games where ponies and creatures from all over Equestria compete for the best and for the gold.

The actual RP is linked here: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=15314.0

The OOC is located here: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=15319.0

Overview of this RP and mechanics of the games:
-This RP will heavily involve the dice roll. This will keep thinks fair and random and fun. Hehe I know some of you like to be better than everyone else and later turning OP, so this dice roll will also remove the fight for superiority.
-The Dice Roll will be used in the events. Everything in intermission, breaks, and waiting for turns, regular RP can happen.
-All events will be friendly to all age, gender, pony types and animal types so... equal opportunity.
-ALL OCs welcome (alicorns, dragons, bats, buffalos, cows... ect. welcome aboard) and there is no age limit. Any pony can compete.
-This RP will also have a chart of all the ponies' scores and medals earned throughout the RP. It will update after every event.
-This RP can also be an open RP. I advise to add your info in this thread. The competitors I will have listed. For the rest, you can submit. You will still be a part in this RP.
*Note: For how to use the dice roll and how it will be used in the game are below. Just scroll down a bit and there it is.

Here are the general rules for the RP
-Follow the LoE forum rules
-No interfering with the competition during an event
-Nothing extraordinary should happen in the RP (ex. changeling takeover, return of Tirek, parasprite infestation, or something in the likes.). Lets have a normal competition here.
-(For competitors): In an event that takes all players simultaneously in a quick competition, I will do the dice roll for all the competitors. So that

This is the Sign up list and team list for those who are willing to compete and those who would like to be with. The sign up list are those who would like their OC to compete in the games. However space is limited. Depending on popularity, that will be the amount of ponies I will add.
Rulez for Sign-up players
-You must be an active RPer.
-Failure to post a dice roll in an event for 2 days, I will have to roll for you. (don't worry. Its random so I can't determine for you, the random generator does.)
-NO CHEATING!!![/b] (No dice manipulation or deletion and redoing dice roll. If caught, you will be expelled from the games. You can still RP here, but no longer a competitor.)
-If you are gone for a prolonged time, I will notify you if you wish to continue. If no answer is given by the deadline, you will be automatically be dropped from the competition. You can still reappear in the RP.) HOWEVER... If the reason you were gone was beyond your control or of great importance, I understand. I will be happy to bring you back in, and with the help of the dice roll, the results can be filled in for the missing boxes.
-If a player returns from an excused absence, there is no need to rearrange all of the responses of the past. Just leave as be to save time and headache. Just "Keep moving forward" - Walt Disney.
Here is the sign-up application for the competitors
Appearance: Image or description is fine.
Team:(If you don't represent any specific team, Team Equestria will be the default team, which implicitly means individual or unknown.)
Stats (Fill Bellow):
The stats will be from 1-5 points. You can only apply 14 attribute points so choose wisely.

Now for the open RPers. If you want, you can apply as well, though it isn't necessary. IF however you want to be a partner for a competitor, a mentor, a coach, or a helper/caddy, you can apply as well. Just make sure the one you supporting agrees to have you in their team.
Rulez for affiliates
-Activeness isn't too harsh for this category, but if there seems to be a concern from the supported competitor, I may have to take action.
-NO PED-related stuff. (Just... no. Also counts as cheating)
-It is alright to be interacting with different teams. Only thing is no doing stuff that affects competitors' stats. Trying to keep it clean here.
Appearance: Image or description is fine.
Team/To whom is affiliated to:

And for the rest, the spectators, here ya go.
Rules are same as for general rules. No special rules required.
Appearance: Image or description is fine.

AAAAND that is it. Hope all of you have a great time. I will be creating this RP once we get enough players.

Post Merge
Here is my OC and he will enter as a competitor.

Name: Arco Iris
Age: 53
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male (Stallion)
Appearance: White coat with red yellow and blue medium mane and medium-long tail. Blue eyes.
Team:Las Pegasus
Speed: 5
Strength: 3
Stamina: 4
Accuracy: 2

Out of Character / Escape to the Future OOC
« on: 2015 Mar 14, 02:37:11 »
This is the OOC for the RP Escape from the Past. Feel free to discuss things in or out of the RP. You can plan certain things in the RP, or just have a friendly talk. Only rule is the forum rules. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the Escape to the Future: The New World RP

This is the sign up thread for the RP. Feel free to enter your character. Giving a heads up, the time-traveled ponies list are exclusive to the characters of the previous Escape RP. The Non-time traveling, alternate present list is opened for anyone who likes to sign up.

If you are in the RP and will wish to permanently leave, just let me know in this thread, the OOC or PM, and I can remove your name. There will be a max limit of 2 ponies per user. Also, very sorry to say this but, alicorn OCs not allowed since it will conflict with the situation of the past and present that will throw a lot of things off. It is not required, but it is recommended to use a common-type character. Alright, hope things are good. Let's roll!

Time-traveled OCs list
RPers  -  OC(s)
1)Peace Keeper - Peacekeeper (P)(Male)/Peacemaker(U)(Male)
2)Maplewood - Maplewood (E/cyborg)(Male)
3)Jcfraven - Raven Star (U/bat)(Male)
4)Julien999 - Unknown Mare ("unknown"/bat [night only])(Female)
5)Misty Fly - Marble Star (U) (Female)
6)LunarDusk - Macbeth (U/Fiend) (Male)
7)Aqua Fire - Star (Siren) (Female)

Non-time traveled ponies (Alternate times ponies)
1)Kat the skeleton - Dark Moon (U) (Female)
2)Gamepaw - Gamepaw (Wolf) (Male)
3)Super saiyan pony - Red (Dragon pony) (Male)

Canterlot Archives / Escape to the future (Sign-Up RP)
« on: 2015 Mar 11, 03:35:39 »
This is a sign-up RP, which means if you will need to sign up in order to join. However, there will be a limited spaces for the RPers.
I will make a list of RPers and the OCs they play as and include their race by (E)Earth, (U)Unicorn, and (P)Pegasus (Other races can be used except alicorn). reason not alicorn is because it can throw off the setting, situation and behavior of the past ponies for having appendages of more than one race. The limit is 2 OCs per RPer.
Here is the sign-up here: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=14433.0
*NOTE: List is full!

You can also discuss things in the RP in the OOC here: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=14441.0
Make sure to put this in good us well on plans so we don't end up with conflicting results.

Da Rules:
1) All Forum rules apply
2) Let us assume that you can only see from your perspective. I know we can read each other's posts, but let's not get too coincidental on knowing other's plans or locations. It is similar to "No Screenwatching" in splitscreen games.
3) If you are playing as one of the past ponies, you can be either the ponies who support unity, or those who are against trusting other tribes.
4) Have fun
*5)(Forgot about this)Limit the amount of posts so that others can catch up to the story.

The list of RPers
Forum name - OC(s)
Time-traveled OCs
-Peace Keeper - Peacekeeper(P) / Peacemaker(U)
-Lightspeed_Flash - Mystic Bliss(U)
-Gracie Sky - Gracie Sky(P)
-Maplewood - Maplewood (E)

OCs of the past
-Stryder221 - Grand Illusion(U) / Spell-Breaker(U)
-Radiovoid - Still Nights (Bat)
-Nocturna - Nocturna (P/Vampony)

-----------The story starts as bellow------------

Peacekeeper and his brother Peacemaker go to a library to see books they like to see... mostly I spy books. It is a child book, but they like to play around and find things. Then they stumbled upon a Hearts Warming Eve book. They were fascinated by the story and illustrations. They both checked out the book. They read through quite a few chapters while walking in the park. Then there happens to be a strange writing in the book. Peacekeeper tried reading through it since he can pronounce the words well, but he was confused on the meaning. Peacemaker preceeded to read the passage again. After reading it the second time, a light grew bright on Peacemaker's horn. It grew brighter and some other ponies around were in astonishment and awe on the spell that was being made. After a few seconds of shining light, a flash was made, but the Peaces were gone, along with a couple others around who were too close and are caught in them.
               The group wake up, to realize they aren't in the park they recognize. What they see is a small village in a distance, and they were standing on open land with a small trail. They are in total shock and fear as to where they have been. What they have noticed is a flag at a distance that look similar to the book, and realized, they just went back 1300 years in time, the period before Hearts Warming Eve. Knowing that the tribes and pony races do not get along and trust each other well, the group is in peril of being together. It is a chance they can get caught for treason and be punished. So they have to keep a low profile and be careful to not run into different pony races. It is decided to go to the castle of the two sisters and search for a spell to be able to return to the future. It will be very dangerous, and survival is not guarantee.

The adventure begins...

Canterlot Archives / My vacation stories (Private RP)
« on: 2015 Mar 01, 04:11:20 »
*-This RP is a private RP, which means only invited players can reply to this RP.

*-The rules also apply here.

-----------The story begins here-----------------

My name is Peace Keeper, and I have just finished my classes for my college. I decided to take a vacation to a place called Ponyville so I can see the changes it has made. I heard of Ponyville being a very friendly place, so I planned my trip. i am right now in my motel after a day in Ponyville. It has quite a few things to find here, and I finally got to visit Canterlot, which looks so much beautiful up close. I had a good trip around and do plan to visit more of Ponyville.

*Waking up and checks watch* Oh it is 10 AM.
Peace rubs his eyes and walks to the bathroom to wash up then walks to the kitchen to find something to eat.

After eating his cereal, he walks out the door looking around to see what to do next
Hmm... what to do next?

This is the Out of Character thread for the RP "My crazy adventures in Ponyville". You can discuss anything related, or not related, to the RP here. This is made if you had a large question or some comment that may be too be added into the RP. Small ones are okay, and they are okay in the main RP as long as you can still RP in it. For those who are looking for the main RP, Here it is. Click here to go to the RP.

Also, you could just talk whatever you like here, whatever you got in your mind, just make sure it stays within the forum rules.

I was thinking of adding the flutter-yay icon to the list if it is not too much.

Off-Topic Archive / What did you get this holiday?
« on: 2014 Dec 25, 04:36:52 »
It is time to share what you have recieved for Christmas this year.

To begin, I recieved a sweater, a wallet, and $50.

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