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Thread Games / Paragraphs begin with a single word.
« on: 2016 Dec 27, 09:51:13 »
Simple game, person gives you a word and you make a paragraph and then giving a word for the next pone.

They are kind of like those writing prompt things, but shorter and less profressional sounding :3


Once upon a time in the land of Equestria, a lowly farmer was planting seeds. potato seeds. You know what this farmer became? A alicorn. Turns out the secret to alicorns is potato. The potatoes however went on to become a key part in the fight against carrots, the evil orange fruits of points.

So, whoever is next. Your word is Case.

Thread Games / X a Y
« on: 2016 Dec 19, 22:32:48 »
Simple game of doing X to a Y


Game spins a duck
"      " pets a tulip
"      " noms a nom

Off-Topic / The mentions thread.
« on: 2016 Dec 15, 21:14:49 »
For trying to reconnect with ponies from the forum that have seemingly vanished, simply mention them in a post and see if they reply.

@Nala Valor

I`m sure some of those occasionally check in, but I remember enjoying RPing and chat with these few. Any you wish to add go ahead, would be a shame to not even try.

Currently the maximum amount of Topics and Messages you can see on each page is only 50, while a decent is not enough when you searching for certain things.

For example, when looking through a person's posts for a certain group of posts, the maximum is only 40, so lots of clicking and page switching.

I'd prefer it to be higher, maybe in the 70s or higher.

Thread Games / How Fast Can you Type?
« on: 2016 Aug 14, 08:30:41 »
Let's see which of us can hit the keys the quickest.

Go to http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english and complete the one minute typing test then post your results here. Try to keep it set as english so the results are more fair :3

Writing / Stories of Woof. Much Woof.
« on: 2016 Jul 18, 21:07:41 »
All the Stories:

All my stories mainly focus around Gamepaw my cuddly wolf character. Though other stories also include Poppy my labrador character and Sky my wolf pup character. There is also Violet my small deer character/love interest of cuddle wolf and finally Raven my Dragon/Human character who is the master/owner of my other characters if they are pets in that story.

Feel free to leave comments here or there about my stories, but Deviantart is where I will be posting any new ones.

My most favourited story currently is A trick to the vets, in which Game is forced to go to the vets by means of bribery. So you can go see for yourself if that story deserved it's favourites.

This is a simple answer thread for people still not sure if they can actually run the game on their device. Myself or other people will answer any thread related questions that appear on this.

Technical Specs:
LoE Specs:
CPU: Dual Core 2Ghz or More, Not Recommended: Single Core 2ghz or more.
GPU: 128MB VRAM - DirectX9/OpenGL2.0
Storage Space: Atleast 3GB of Space
Operating System: Windows, MacOS/OSX, Linux

I`ll my specs so you can see for yourself how it works.

CPU: Intel I7-4790K 4Ghz Quad Core.
GPU: 8GB AMD R9 390 STRIXX - DirectX12
Storage Space: 1TB HDD/256GB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

I can run the game as you can see I have twice the minimum recommended cores and Ghz. As well as 12x the recommended RAM.
Along with a powerful Graphics Card.

To find this information on your compute you can use software such as Speccy or you can look up your computer specs on the website or using System Information or DXDiag.

Hope this makes it easier for ponies.

Off-Topic / Random Code thread!
« on: 2016 Apr 09, 03:33:03 »
Basically, I keep getting codes from stuff that I don't need.

So, I thought. Why not make a thread about random codes. Someone will always find a use for something. Currently I only have two codes (technically 5) but someone might find a use for them.

If you have random codes, such as those from cereal boxes or left overs from Giveaways or Bundles, just post them. If you are not going to use them someone might.

Kellogg's named spoons: https://spoons.kelloggs.com/uk/spoonSize
Spoon codes

You will need £1.50 for the shipping. I am unsure if this is worldwide or not, as far as I know it could be UK only.

Pokemon X/Y/AS/OS: Hoopa code (EU Only): HOOPA2016
This requires you to go onto the Game on your DS and enter the code via Mystery Gift - Enter a code. It will not fill up the entire box but the rest will be filled in automatically. This is only until the 30th of April however.

  • Tell people that you have used a code/a code has exprired
  • Do not post links to websites that require certain things to get the codes, e.g. surveys or forms. Just the codes and where they can be used to get stuff.
  • Following Forum rules/Keep stuff appropriate.

Site Suggestions & Bugs / Filter/Limit
« on: 2016 Mar 17, 20:58:56 »
I'm suggesting to re-add the emote limit, say 3 emotes per chat line. People just spam them endlessly and when there is no mods, is kinda just deal with it until someone shows up.

See how annoying that is.

I know a lot of people don't go on the chat, but those that do find this really annoying. Specially when, not saying all but, a lot of the new accounts instantly just go into chat, ask about the game then spam endlessly.

Maybe also add a character limit to be a lot lower. I believe the current is about 1024 characters. Would suggest something closer to say a Twitter post but a bit higher. 256 characters.

Sign-Up Threads / Pokemon RP! Sign-Up (III)
« on: 2016 Feb 21, 07:53:26 »
RP Thread: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=15753.0

  • No controlled Legendaries, exceptions occur only when it is decided as a group that a Legendary is included.
  • When capturing pokemon, the user in control of said pokemon decides whether catch is successful. Masterball's are not avaliable.
  • You can decline and run from battles.
  • You do not need to have a trainer to play as a pokemon and you do not need to have a more than one pokemon to be a trainer.
  • No numbers, either in HP, levels, stats and/or buffs. Pokemon are fairly equal however attacks of certain types still do more damage.
  • No move limit/attack limit
  • No pokemon limit
  • Human only
  • LoE Rules also apply.
  • Shadow and Shiny pokemon are allowed.
  • Snaggers or MewTwo balls are not allowed (Can be used to steal Trainers pokemon.)

For any clarification feel free to @Gamepaw or PM me.

Two simple templates you do not have to follow.

Type: Trainer, Connoisseur, adventurer, photographer, ect.
Visual Description/Picture:

Visual Description/Picture:

Post Merge

Name: Game
Species: Growlithe/Arcanine(If Evolved)
Colours: Standard Growlithe/Arcanine colours.
Backstory/Description: A fairly abnormal Growlithe, he is very non-confrontational and prefers to keep to himself, though if needs be he can and will interact with other pokemon or people to try and get food or help.

Normal in terms of height and colours, the Growlithe happens to be severely overweight, leaving him with a waddle. This is due to his location and lack of willpower, thanks to living in a forest near a town, in a den under a tree, he has a endless supply of humans leaving food or rubbish around for him to eat as well as the endless amount of fruits and berries that grow in the forest, the puppy pokemon even having his own stash in his den.

He was raised by fairly random pokemon, due to him being abandoned or left as a egg, giving him his personality and his un-shying behavior of new pokemon or people. Though after he got bigger the other pokemon left him alone, the general opinion of Growlithes and Arcanines being very territorial and known to attack at slightest thing, not to mention thanks to the forest being where he lives pokemon weak to fire types also live there, who avoid him for this reason also.

Abilities/Powers: As a fire type pokemon, he has a invulnerability to large amounts of heat, such as being able to walk through fire or swim in lava without issue. He also has the power to use pokemon moves/attacks which range from standard Tackle to more powerful attacks such as Flare Blitz. He also has the ability to evolve from a Growlithe into a Arcanine a much larger pokemon, when a fire stone is used on him.

Bulbapedia: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Growlithe_(Pok%C3%A9mon)

Art / All the edits!
« on: 2016 Feb 11, 09:32:46 »
Basically just a collection of edits I have done to websites and pages, using HTML, CSS and Photoshop. Safe to say LoE has had a bunch done to it. :3

Legends of Wolfestria

A Modification of the LoE Homepage, using F12 mode on Chrome, Just changed a bunch of text. Used photoshop for the images, easier than redirecting the images to my own stuff. And yes, that Wolf Creator logo does include a certain wolfy.

LoE Steam Release

Modified the TF2 steam page on the Browser, Steam client being too difficult to modify this way. Used photoshop entirely for the images and modified the rest with HTML/F12

LoE Extreme Edition - Specs

Just a simple F12 edit on a post, a joke of sorts. Considering how low intensity LoE is.


This one was done entirely on HTML, I downloaded the page with Save As and added the custom google image as a replacement of the original, same name and everything. The fact I downloaded it, is why the top right is a bit broken.

Why you don't trust ads.
Originally said "Pony Games, Login, MLP and MMORPG Game."

Just F12 edit the weird looking ads on LoE, I don't trust them and hope no one actually clicks on them and downloads what it tell you too.

Feel free to post ideas or suggestion for other sites or posts to do this too. Sometimes it can be really fun :3

Thread Games / Idea, Reason.
« on: 2015 Dec 02, 18:03:14 »
Was something that started in the chatbox, so I thought it could be made into a proper game.

You post a reason why your character/OC is doing something the person before you said.


Person 1: Chewing the couch Cushion

Person 2: He was asleep and was dreaming about food.
              In a tree.

Person 3: Saw a squirrel.

You could also even make a small story out of it, like a RP size post rather than a full story.

First idea:

Losing Weight

These are my family of characters though I really only use Gamepaw on here, however I do use the others for stories over on DeviantArt.

So, yeah. Tell me what you think of them, I`m not going to change them but still. :3

Names may also be shortened or modified slightly depending on the setting. For example when Gamepaw exist as both Anthro/Taur and Feral in the same story, the Feral version will be called Paw while the Anthro/Taur will be called Game.

Colours are more of an general idea than a set thing, while the colours will be very close or similar, they will not always be the exact same. Is just to help, lightning and effects also affect how colours will appear among other things.

Heights may also vary due to the nature of stories, how old they are or how they are portrayed. Raven as example as a extremely large height due to her being a dragon. However depending on the story she may only be about the size of a standard wolf or similar. Heights are mainly just to show how tall they are in respect of the others.

In terms of height, Violet (Deer) is the smallest, followed by Poppy(Dog), then Sky(Wolf), Game(Wolf) and then Raven(Dragon).

Gamepaw is a Male wolf. He is the adopted father of Poppy and Sky and also is dating/married to Violet, and as a feral he is owned by Raven, along with Poppy and Sky.

Poppy is a female labrador dog. She was adopted as a pet by Raven and is the adopted daughter of Gamepaw.

Sky is a female wolf. Adopted daughter of Gamepaw and as a feral she was adopted by Raven.

Raven is a Furred Winged dragon. She is the the owner/master and sometimes parent of the feral versions and anthro/taur versions  of Poppy, Sky and Game, respectively,  unless stated otherwise.

Violet is a small deer. She is either dating or married to Game depending on the stories and generally lives with him and his adopted daughters.

Gamepaw - Chubby Wolf
Name: Gamepaw
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Colours: General base fur colour is a dark Navy (#453b66), He has multiple patches of (#8c73c9), longer, fluffy fur (#765fa7) such as around his (#5a4e86) hind legs or his neck. (#816bbb) Which are multiple shades of lighter purple (#7062a7). On the tips of his paws and his inner ears he has a pale purple (bba6ff). He also has a dark to light blue gradient tail and mane. Which goes from the darker (#42459a) to the much lighter (#7d8df1). He also has light blue eyes (#74d4ff). His pawpads happen to be a lighter blue-ish purple in colours (#9d94fb).
Personality: Gamepaw is a fairly outgoing wolf, not to shy down from anything, bullies and the like. He tends to be kind, fatherly or loving, enjoying looking after others and will even put himself in the way if he sees something he doesn’t like. He also tends to very food absorbing, commonly seen eating some sort of baked good, mainly pie as his favourite.
However as a feral or a pet character, he is fairly helpless due to his chubbiness getting the better of him, he can also be scared or become afraid very easily, due to his large weight and general helplessness if he knows something will happen and he knows he can’t get away or escape.
Physical Description:  A pudgy wolf by no doubt as his constant snacking catches up with him, but it doesn’t cause him much of an issue outside of his feral/pet form. Comparatively being a lot skinnier than the four legged counterpart. As an anthro character he also sometimes has a long extended tail, capable of wrapping around things such as others or his neck like a scarf. As a pet, he can normally been seen with a purple collar on, however it keeps having to be replaced due to his weight and size.
Short Backstories: (Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
He was found by a pet shop and was kept their for a short period before the pet shop closed down and he was the only one left. He was sold to a friend of Raven (his master) who gave him to her as a birthday present. Due to his beginning in life, Game has acquired a small fear of going outside or being put into containers, as he remembers back to the pet store and being put into dark boxes, unable to see. Being took outside or put into containers or crates, makes him feel like he is being abandoned all over again and while the fear somewhat fades over time with Raven, it still makes him avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary.
Being a lazy wolf Game got chubby fairly quickly and failed at keeping up with his fellow pack, who had eventually disowned him and left him to his own devices. Being the slow wolf that he was he found it incredibly difficult to keep himself fed, as all the animals were too fast for him. He eventually settled for mainly grown things, such as berries or fallen apples. Occasionally having to eat meat, the only sources he could find are ones he had to find already passed their prime or those that required digging up.
Raised in an orphanage the wolf stood out a lot as being the only wolf in the building, he didn't really like it there and never got along well with the other kids, however he managed to turn the somewhat bad start into a success. He was a lazy wolf, found snacking things pretty much all the time. He was fond of computers and studied it a lot during school however after he finished he went to College and University for cooking and managed to get a culinary degree.Eventually he became a chef and bought his own restaurant, his chef special was almost always some sort of pie.

Poppy - Short Labrador
Name: Poppy
Species: Dog - Labrador
Gender: Female
Colours: Her fur colour is a mainly scruffy gold colour(#b8a229), with some darker patches around her muzzles and paws. (#5a5329) Her paw pads are a pink colour.(#e9d7e8) She also has light brown eyes. (#ce820a)
Personality: Poppy originally was very shy, around anyone and anything however since Game saved her from some bullies. She has become less shy and rather outgoing when Game is around, she still maintains a rather skittish behaviour though. She also happens to be very childish, playing tricks and pranks on Game. She happens to have this strange thing where she tends to stuff a large amount of food into her mouth and takes it places. Due to how she was left, she doesn’t like being alone for long or at all, this relates to how she enjoys being carried around. She also has a fondness for soft things, such as toys and Game.
Physical Description: She has a fairly average body for her species and nothing is out of place or abnormal, except for height. She is also fairly athletically built from all the running she does. She has a dark gold Collar for her neck.
Short Backstories: (Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
Being born at a kennel when her parents were put in as their owners went on holiday, she was one of many siblings. However as she was the runt of the litter she was left at the kennel when her parents were picked up by their owners. Being as small as she was, the other dogs picked on her and bullied her. This ended as Game was also put in the kennel for a small time, he saw her getting bullied by two larger labradors and stepped in front, using his bulky size to scare them away. Having made friends the wolf and dog eventually ended up going home together when Raven came to pick Game up. She sees him as a bit of a Big-Brother or Father figure due to his protectiveness.
She was given up at a young age and raised in an Orphanage and by foster parents, constantly moving around she rarely made friends. She enjoyed running, always trying to join the sports team when she moves from school to school. Eventually getting out of the orphanage system she moved into a college dorm house with a few others and focussed on her sports. Mainly running, she wanted to be able to become a teacher however and learned a wide range of different sports, how to play, the rules and setting up. During a time at the orphanage she met Sky, who was in for a short time as Game was applying for her own adoption and ended up helping her get adopted with her.

Sky - Wolf
Name: Sky
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female
Colours: She has a mainly light blue fur (#8ad8d5), However she has a dark purple tail tip. (#590671) She also has Pale Purple paw pads(d199fd) and Magenta eyes (ba00ff).
Personality: Similarly to Poppy she has shy and skittish behaviour and will tend to hide when new animals and people are present. She tends to hides on or around Game in these situations. However she is somewhat afraid of being rolled onto or squashed by him. She also hates storms, being abandoned in the storm. She also happens to be rather impressionable, taking on Game’s love of food. She is still fairly kind but prefers staying inside her comfort area, with Poppy or Game. Preferring to stay home with either of them than go out and try to make friends.
Physical Description: She has a fairly normal body type and is fairly agile while still maintaining some level of fatness to her, thanks to Game’s influence. Standing taller than Poppy while still smaller than Game she is a fairly average height for a wolf. Her collar is dark blue.
Short Backstories: (Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
She was left in the forest by her parents at a young age, she tried to follow them but failed eventually leading to Game and Poppy’s home, where she took shelter from a large storm, finding warmth in Game’s padded form. She was found the next morning and was scared, specially of the much larger Game. However she eventually calmed as she was accepted into the family, eventually seeing Game as her new father.
Abandoned on the streets, Sky came across Game’s restaurant and tried to get some free food. Game seeing the child offered some and a place to stay for a little. After eventually realising she was homeless and abandoned he went through the process of adopting her. During this time she had to stay at a orphanage, where she made friends with Poppy and eventually led to getting her adopted along with herself.

Raven - Furred Dragon
Name: Raven
Species: Human/Furred Winged Dragon
Gender: Female
Colours: She has dulled white fur covering her entire body while she has a pure white furred underbelly and tail tip (#ffffff). She also has a bright blonde hair when not a feral which is also the colour of the thinner part of her wings.(#f5e63a), with dull pink eyes(#d290dc), her claws are a dulled white colour, along with the fur stylings around her face and ears.(#cecece). As a human she has fairly pale white skin.
Personality: She is a fairly motherly character, preferring to take care of others. This leaning into her lenience, letting her friends and family get away with things, this shows through Game’s increased weight as a pet. She also happens to be a vegetarian, avoiding eating any animals, or products made from the animal’s body. Her fondness of animals is shown with her having three pets as a anthro/taur or human and her horde of smaller animals as a feral. She also has a fairly strong characteristic while remaining peaceful mostly, she will protect those she cares about and deal with those who threaten this.
Physical Description: Being moderately chubby across the board due to her job and lifestyle with its lack of physical exercise She also happens to be a furred dragon, with her body mainly being the dark yellow/gold colour, with bright white underbelly and tail end with a piece of fur. For her claws she has a dulled white colour, this goes the same for her muzzle and inner ears. Her inner wings are also a bright yellow. While as a human she has a very womanly figure.
Short Backstories:(Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
Working for a international company as a Bio-Scientist, working with mainly DNA such as repair or modification. She has been a key part in finding cures for some diseases or inherited problems. Though, some of this has been done through Animal testing, which she is not fond of. The company however looks after the animals very well, each having their own little habitat, a zoo-like environment. Being able to do some draconic magic she uses it to help with her experiments, job and life.
Feral - Wild :
Living a cave of her own carving, she is hundreds of years old. She being as large as she is, is considered very intimidating. Her cave is near a town, who pay her tribute to keep their town safe. Even though she has no interest in destroying it unless they cause trouble. She keeps a large collection, or hoard, of spherical and soft objects, some of which are animals. She is also able to perform some advanced draconic magic, making it easier to take care of her hoard and home.
Feral - Pet:
Originally raised in the wild, she ventured inwards to the cities and towns, scavenging and scrounging up food. Not many wanting to deal with a dragon she was for the most part ignored, however she was eventually found and enticed with food to come inside a building where she eventually, settled and stayed becoming a pet dragon. She was a rare pet, not many can say they have had a dragon as a pet or even seen one and remained unburned.

Violet - Antlered Deer
Name: Violet
Species: Antlered Maned Deer
Gender: Female
Colours: Her main body is a dark shade of blue (#191550), while her spots are lighter pale blue(#9de4de), Her mane has two colours the main being a darkened purple(#4a267f) with a strip of lighter purple.(#59169b) Her antlers are bone white(#ded6dc). While her hooves are a darker, near black, blue.(#100d34) Her eyes are a deep violet.(#ae46de)
Personality: Violet has a very bubbly personality, driven and strong willed. In her relationship with Game it is sometimes hard to see who wears the pants. Incredibly strong for size and species, she is capable of dealing with Game fairly easily. She is also very confrontational, not backing down and dealing with people who cause her or her friends ill, such as bullies. She continues to strive for her goals no matter what, her key goal being her type of art and drawings. She continues to maintain a loving and caring attitude while still striving for her goals.
Physical Description: Overall Violet has a very womanly form, but is no twig. Having a decent level of padding on her body, which could most likely be blamed on Game and his cooking. She is however very short, compared to Game at least. Her antlers however adding additional height, around 10% of her height each time.
Short Backstories: (Specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
Originally part of a herd, with her family and other of her kind, she had an adventurous attitude and wasn’t afraid like the rest of the deer, who due to her small height treated her like fragile glass. Her dangerous adventures eventually leaded to her getting banished from the group, they believing that she will only bring the danger to them. Having been banished and abandoned by her friends and family she ran and never looked back. Eventually she found Game, the much larger and overweight wolf, she found a friend in him and eventually a lover, despite their difference in size, weight and species.
Growing up she was always fond of art. Drawings, paintings, stories she loved them all. She eventually decided that was what she wanted to do with her life, make art. She focussed heavily on this and passed the exams and classes with flying colours, still managing to get high grades and passing all the others. She met Game in High school and despite their differences hit it off fairly well, even living together through college and when they got jobs. Game’s restaurant providing a place for them and Poppy and Sky. She works via the internet, working on commissions for people and companies.

Little key:
Feral - Standard, Four-legged creature. Normal animals basically.
Anthro - Animals which stand on two legs, such as those in Movies like Zootopia or Furries.
Taur - A bit like Centaurs but just one animal, a bit of a combination of both Anthro and Feral. The horse part of the centaur would be the feral part, while the human part would be the anthro.
Also, the #000000 numbers are just hex colour codes.

Canterlot Archives / Superpowered RP (Sign-Up)
« on: 2015 Aug 26, 14:20:53 »
Sign-Up Thread: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=15210.0

Finding yourself with new found abilities and powers, how will you use these new gifts, or curses? Will you be a hero? Or a Villain?

Selfish or selfless?

Gamepaw waddled his way through the forest, happily munching on an apple he gathered early, using his powers to give himself a small pouch on his chest for storage.

Coming to the edge of the forest and peering into the town, he watched the ponies preform their daily tasks, and wanting to test his abilities he transformed into a unicorn stallion and headed in.

Canterlot Archives / Superpowered RP (Sign-Up)
« on: 2015 Aug 26, 14:14:06 »
RP Link: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=15211.0

The main focus will be characters who have developed Super-pony abilities.

Either Hero or Villain, will you character use their newly found powers for selfishness or selflessness.


Name: Gamepaw
Power: Transformation, Regeneration - Can turn into any living creature, they will however remain the same colour as his fur. Blue.
Species/Race: Wolf
Personality: Kind, lazy, caring and protective.
Backstory/Information: An overweight wolf who came upon his ability as a way of protection, he has since used to get into pony food and talk into

Rules: No OP characters - Superman level.  Max. of 5 separate powers, you DO NOT have to use all five.

Canterlot Archives / Park RP (Open)
« on: 2015 Jul 11, 23:32:57 »
The park has finally been refurbished, redone and revamped, it is now open to the public.

This newly built park has areas made for pets, sports, foals and young lovers, even old lovers. All the areas are well kept, brand new and green, trees grow freely along the paths as ponies stroll.

This RP allows for ponies to play games with each other, go on dates or meetups. As well as allowing RP as pets or pet owner, maybe even little foals.

Group: (Pet /Park goers /Lover /Pet Owner /Sports/ Tree hugger/ Animal)
Visual Description/Picture: (One or the other or both.)

Name: Gamepaw
Group: Pet
Species: Wolf
Male/Female: Male
Personality: Friendly, lazy, cuddly, happy
Description: A overweight and chubby wolf, who has a strange affliction for pie and cuddles. Also enjoys cuddles and pets from others, as well as licking ponies or other animals.
Visual Description/Picture:

Body Type: Soft, pudgy, fluffy/furry.
Eye Colour: Mint-turqoise - #00ba95
Fur Colour: Dark Navy - #191550 and Dark Blue - #2d2781
Paw Colour: Light Purple - #a49dfe
Fur Style/type: His fur is somewhat fluffier or furrier than what is normal. His fur is mainly the Dark Navy coloured however gradients at the tips of the paws and ears, as well as along his tail to lighter dark blue colour.
Tail Length: longer than body length to be captured by mouth while laying on back,

Group Descriptions
You don`t have to have a character that fits into one of these groups, they are essentially just a start point or an idea of what to do.

Pet = A creature/animal owned by someone else.
Park Goer = Ponies just having fun in the park or taking care of younger ponies.
Lover = Ponies having dates in the park.
Pet Owner = Owner of a creature/animal (Pet)
Tree Hugger = Someone who is there just to take in the greenery, trees and stuff.
Animal = Random wild or park animal.

Would like to point out, DO NOT suddenly make a large event happen and derail everything everyone is doing, such as fires in trees. Make sure what you do, does NOT affect the RP as a whole.

Canterlot Archives / Food Festival - Eating Contest (Sign-Up)
« on: 2015 Jun 24, 15:22:35 »
Sign-Up Thread: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=14895.0

Ponies, bakers, chefs, connoisseurs among others have all flocked to Equestria's capital of Cantermore, all for the tri-annual Food Festival.
All keen to share their wears, prove themselves better than others in their areas. Food, Drink and other weird edible creations all avaliable for passers-by to try or devour in some cases.

Game was waddling through Cantermore's alleys, his pudgy frame jiggling as he quickly followed his sense of small to the festival. The chubby wolf eager to get his padded paws on everything it has to offer.

Eventually turning down the right alley, Game appeared at the beginning of the festival. Now panting somewhat heavily from the quick waddle from before. Took particular notice of one stall nearby, which seemed to be selling some sort of drink.

The RP is set in the LoE city of Cantermore while a Food Festival is taking place.
Ponies, bakers, chefs and other creatures from all over Equestria and the world have flocked to Cantermore to take part.

Essentially, there can be two seperate parts going on at once.
1. Characters walking around visiting the multiple stands and stalls. Would suggest using mainly just in-game or canon characters for this, but OCs can be used, just make sure you make people pay attention the fact they have a stall. Bold or italic text might do.

2. The actual eating contest. Different characters will be competing in rounds of food eating. Will start with six characters each time, before getting down to two for a coin toss style thing or can pre-plan a certain character to win or lose. This is a perfect opportunity for people to drop out or if they decide they want to do something else.

Character Name:
Basic Personallity:
Little Backstory: (Not Neccessary but possibly helpful)
Pictures/Visual Description: (If have any/ if not just a small description will do.(Use the Spoiler tag for images.))

Character Name: Game(paw)
Species: Wolf
Basic Personality: Gamepaw, is fairly lazy in personality but is still fairly outgoing and kind, be nice to him and he will be nice back.
Little Backstory: Game, bought as a puppy for a birthday present for a earth pony mare. The mare cared dearly for the little wolf, clearly too much. Game, had a fondness of food and his owner fed this fondess, pies, cakes, you name it.
This has led Game to be a very overweight wolf causing him to waddle and pant after some basic exercise, leading him to most just be sitting or laying near his own for pets and cuddles. While Game can still do things for himself, he is fairly lazy and finds it difficult to do certain tasks.

I`ll post the actual RP thread when six people have signed up.

@Gamepaw accepted

RP Thread: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=14898.0

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(I liked the plan of doing whatever for fun. So we`re doing that.)

Yawning and stretching, Game gradually got up off of his tubby middle and stood on his paws. His owner having made him sleep outside in his increasingly smaller dog house, having once again raiding the fridge.

Slightly annoyed at the fact he had to sleep outside, at least he had food he thought as he looked at his bowl and then devoured it with gusto. Wiggling and struggling to get his pudgy frame through the little entrance. Popping out with sound and all, Game lifted himself off the floor again and shook the dirt out of his fur, the shaking almost knocking him over due to his large stomach.

Waddling his away across the yard, the wolf decided to have a little adventure, wiggling his way through the slightly large hole and into Ponyville, he now had the time to randomly explore Ponyville and what it had to offer.

Canterlot Archives / Equine Absence (SIGN-UP)
« on: 2015 May 29, 16:31:34 »
This RP is made to cater towards the non-pony characters and members of the site, mainly focussing on what would be considered the unintelligent or insentient members of the animal kingdom in Equestria, wolves, chickens and cats, stuff like that.

Character Name:
Breed/Sub-Species: (If Necessary)
Basic Personallity:
Little Backstory: (Not Neccessary but possibly helpful)
Pictures/Visual Description: (If have any/ if not just a small description will do.(Use the Spoiler tag for images.))

Character Name: Game(paw)
Species: Wolf
Basic Personality: Gamepaw, is fairly lazy in personality but is still fairly outgoing and kind, be nice to him and he will be nice back.
Little Backstory: Game, bought as a puppy for a birthday present for a earth pony mare. The mare cared dearly for the little wolf, clearly too much. Game, had a fondness of food and his owner fed this fondess, pies, cakes, you name it.
This has led Game to be a very overweight wolf causing him to waddle and pant after some basic exercise, leading him to most just be sitting or laying near his own for pets and cuddles. While Game can still do things for himself, he is fairly lazy and finds it difficult to do certain tasks.

Not entirely sure of the story behind the RP yet, but it would help if you guy's input with your sign-ups. I`m currently thinking that they all suddenly disappear for some reason, with no explanation or just leaving them there with no one RPing as them.

Creatures that are not allowed: Ponies, Horses, Changelings, Donkeys, Zebra and any other horse/equine creatures.

RP Thread: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=14801.0

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