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Art / Ponies From a Dragon Artist
« on: 2014 Jan 23, 23:21:32 »
So, hello everyone. :) I don't use to horse around these forums often but finding about this area about art I thought about showing something of my own. It's simple stuff. I don't draw ponies very often but when I do I make it with care and have lots of fun in the process. c: I normally draw dragons for my gallery on deviantART but I have a few pony works there, too.



This last one is my dragon OC as a pony.

So yeah... some positive criticism is welcomed. I'd love to hear what you guys think about my stuff. :) There is more stuff in my gallery if you liked these ones here and are curious. http://mike-dragon.deviantart.com/ You're most welcome for a visit!  :D

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