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Resolved Issues / How long until the forum chat is back?
« on: 2016 Jan 18, 10:28:41 »
I was hoping to get into the chat here on the forums now that the OSE is over, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Herd (Guild) Discussion / [Herd] the Cross Time Corral
« on: 2015 Aug 11, 07:52:12 »
Welcome to the LoE Forums thread for the Cross Time Corral Herd.

We are essentially CTC Forum members who intend to play Legends of Equestria. There's not much more to it than that, although we do have some things in common:
  • "We're not just Nice, we're positively congenial!"
  • Among our goals are to help others, expand and share knowledge of the LoE world, and dance like nobody's watching.
  • Characteristic worn items: Gala Boots, Cowpony Hat (not usually at the same time).
The CTC Forum thread is here: LINK
The LoE Wikia page is here: LINK

To declare yourself a member of this Herd, please post your LoE Forum name in the CTC thread and the same information below. The name(s) you intend to use in LoE would be appreciated as well. Both will be added to the herd profile page.

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I suppose I should start.

My LoE pony names will be Major Snark, General Snark, Private Snark, and Chuck Wagon.

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