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Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
« on: 2017 May 25, 17:35:45 »
There's always transportation with steam trains x3 Much faster

So if we all were to get together again then we all have to meet by one of the power sources BY SHEER COINCIDENCE or something. We have split up, with some of us already stopped dead in our own tracks and losing peeps. I do give Misty credit for coming up with stuff to get it forward. I am just following the story set forth by the ones who are leading the way x3 . I mean I would want to help, just not sure how to carry this out without hijacking the RP to my own ideas of scenarios and place them without concent. :s

As long as the scenarios make sense I am alright with RPing through it. ^-^

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 May 24, 22:53:51 »

Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
« on: 2017 May 24, 03:35:20 »
So far doing well. Kinda taking down some power sources on our journeys. Hopefully you are doing well.

Secretly planning to tumble my Oreo tower

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2017 May 21, 05:36:13 »
Welp got 2 things on my head, once facehoof and one double facehoof.
Double facehoof
Got my battery changed on my 3DS after annoying short battery life. Turned out that thing was turning into a Galaxy Note 7 cause it was ballooning and could explode in me at any moment. Dodged a ball there but now cookies were altered on my 3DS browser and it is now more jank, so bad I can't even soon in to LoE, and I erase cookies, sign in but says wrong password cause at page expired. Sign in again and cookie problem. I'm in a catch 22 here. Erase cookies, web page expires and can't sign in properly, but refresh it has cookie problems cause it saves page in a cookie. WHATZUPWIDAT!?  >:O
A me patch for Mario Kart 8 was out and did some chambers, most notable is the Inkling Girl animation when passing another racer. The original was said to be offensive and I can see why. What got to me where seeing the comments on Youtube and other sites. Some are unsure whyit is offensive, and then there are those who say " why do peeps get offended so easily?" Apparently these guys talk trash all the time to realize how much it hurts others. But gets me thinking and confirming that every culture is different and they are blind to see it... However they claim culture is a waste of belief. Um... To be fair x3 even if cultire is removed, its biological nature to taunt and animala do it to intimidate or enrage others to fall prey to confusion or start a battle. Eventually if we were all natural any gesture would be a hazing taunt anyways.

So all of that, imagine your kid doing it? For sure they are too innocent to know, but be sad when they learn the cursed side of it, or offend someone and get blamed.

Adult games? WHO CARES what they put in there? Grown ups already know better about dev's creative thinking and should take it in as is... To some extent x3

But for kids, always be aware for what is right for the kids as they will take in anything and emulate it. Looking at YOU Rare with DK64 Rap  >:/

Well those are my 2 annoying things I wanted to share, OH and... Well... My lack of motivation from my side of life, but soon I should be back once again. Sucks to lose all momentum of fun things and quite annoying, isn't it?

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 May 17, 15:37:03 »

me no noticed x3

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2017 May 06, 00:11:13 »
Whenever playing games that lets you have customizable emblems/insignias, its great to show off your creativity/passion/eh... and other things that could be taboo. I do find interesting to see MLP-related creations of other players and I think "ah that's neat. Hehe suppose its a brony/pegasister cause they show pride in it." Sometimes the only way to show them your emblem or insignia is to defeat them yourself, and in their killcam, your emblem shows.

WARNING!!! Rant time!

Now, here is the dumb thing that annoys me. They like MLP, so they show off their passion in the form of an emblem, showing everyone else they are a brony/pegasister. They don't seem all intimidated when they see your emblem, but when SOMEONE WITH AN MLP-RELATED EMBLEM TOO (I have Derpy as my emblem), THEY BAIL OUT!!! I just wonder if they feel awkward playing against another brony, and this has happened pretty often. I only can wonder if these bronies are more awkward to their own kind. They show their emblem to everyone else, but don't like to be with others who have similar passions. I know there are exceptions cause I have made 2 friends online because of our like for MLP, but often do I see them bail out. Imagine it would suck if they are like that when they are contributing well for their team then bail out cause someone on the other side has MLP and they feel weird. (and it has actually happen once on my gameplay)

 :s I no get it...

Herd (Guild) Discussion / Re: Evershade Crusaders
« on: 2017 May 05, 23:11:28 »
EY!!! I didn't realize we have a refreshed thread for our herd x3 . So this will be our supporting thread for now on.

I would love to join!
OC Name: Aqua Fire
OC Age: 13
OC Race: Earth Pony
OC Gender: Female
OC Talent: Fire-Water powers
Reason: I saw this in unread posts, and thought I would give it a try. So far, I love it!

You just barely made the age limit x3 and everything else looks good.

Welcome to the herd @Aqua Fire  ^-^

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 May 05, 22:41:25 »


Secretly wants Oreos too.

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 May 05, 22:35:48 »
*gives a squeezer* Um... might need a bit of muscle to squeeze that.


Do some exercise to squeeze the lemons.

Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivated
« on: 2017 May 03, 04:24:37 »

How you know? O:

Secretly wants Oreos

Thread Games / Re: DO YOUR CHORES! (Reactivated)
« on: 2017 May 03, 04:12:38 »
Ehh... Okee.
*gives a Snapple with staples inside*


Gimme pink lemonade

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