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"He knows when you've been sneakin',
He knows when you're -- tasty..."

Art / Re: Is 3D art ever comparable to 2D art?
« on: 2017 May 30, 11:31:13 »
2D and 3D are (mostly) very different media, so I'd say it's an "apples and oranges" situation. You can present things in 2D that are impossible in 3D (consider M.C. Escher or the "Devil's Fork"). But 3D, at least when it's presented in a way that makes use of 3D (as opposed to a 2D image of a 3D arrangement) gives added factors to the results.

Besides, once something exceeds a certain level of quality, "better" becomes rather subjective.

well 16 is a teen not a child and if we call them that then we call adults child because we all have parents and we're all their children. iam adult so who can i sue for breaking my child labor laws?
Most child labor laws use the age of majority (when someone is legally considered an adult) as the dividing line. It's not that minors (the legal term for those below their age of majority) aren't allowed to work, but there are typically a lot of conditions involved and records kept to avoid assumed abuses. There tend to be exceptions when parents or legal guardians are involved.

The big problem is that the laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and LoE is receiving international support. It's simply safer to set an age and say "nobody younger than this".

"Good contact" or "good contract"?

And ponies are only a problem if you make them a problem.

Would you prefer griffon problems?

still you dont need to be 16 to play this game so why you must be 16 to apply?

Lets say youre very talented but youre 15. and before your 16th birthday you die in car accident. and artist lost cuz of stupid "must be 16 year old to apply" rules
I believe it's due to the various child labor laws. Even volunteer work is considered (uncompensated) labor.

Introductions / Re: Howdy!
« on: 2017 Apr 30, 14:00:44 »
Moxie, you make me wonder if you picked your forum name from the modern usage or where it came from (a carbonated beverage that's been made since 1876) or something else.

Pony Off-Topic / Re: Game Progress?
« on: 2017 Apr 28, 12:03:26 »
"Done" is a relative term for digital games. How many as complex as LoE have you seen that were offered as "done" didn't have additional content or features introduced later?

It's a better way to be a noisy ass than eating green apples.

wow dude. I took part in 4 or more osw so idk why you couldnt play
What I find interesting is that even though he's
... following this website since 1+ year ...
this is his first post in the forums, and he registered just today.

3D Modeling / Re: 3D Models from White Pony
« on: 2017 Mar 18, 11:39:28 »
Fluffy boots, rainbow-colored big "lollipop" -- this is White Pony's down time, isn't it?

Video Games / Re: The hardest Minecraft evil mods
« on: 2017 Mar 07, 10:56:50 »
Simply say the Minecraft mods that you can't easily kill.
I believe you mean "mob", not "mod".

I've come up with approaches for most of them, but haven't played to encounter some of them.
Mostly they're a matter of minimizing their ability to attack you by dodging or using cover until you can snipe them back or rush with a weapon. Having a shield helps with the latter.
I like to use fences and lights to create "pastures" where mobs can't spawn. Zombies will collect outside that, but I can stand off and slash them from the other side of the fence.
These can cross my fences, but if I have at least 16 blocks of lit space around me they won't rush me as hostile and I can control the encounter.
I don't like them, but with terrain (fences) and a good bow they're usually easy to pick off.
Annoying, but not too dangerous if you fight them in safe terrain.
The "pumpkin helmet" helps, but I usually arrange a two block high alcove to fight from and attack their legs to keep them from teleporting away.
Zombie Pigmen
I usually encounter them only when I build a gold generator, so they're contained in a mob grinder.
I rarely encounter other hostile mobs. The zombie trap horse is just a gang of skeletons, really.

*cheers the return*
White Pony has eyebrows? :P

White Pony has an idea.
Is there a minimum safe distance?

When you deal with big dragons, you'll always have to watch out for "massive scale". :P

Maybe the dragon could be made to dance around the subject?

Or find a dragon of the other gender and watch their "mating dance"?

Not, "Sixty-Nine" ... ... ... "Sixty-FIVE" - (65).
So it is, my mistake.

At least he doesn't consider himself "Forty-Two". :P

He's named "Sixty-Nine"? Yeah, that's not a name ripe for abuse.

Why are dragons so stubborn?
Because they're always dragon their heels?

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2016 Dec 13, 10:20:35 »
I made that mistake once and my bank charged me BIG TIME when my bill came in.  I had to call them to change it.  I guess that's how they make their money...
Interest on carried balances is their primary money-maker. Overage charges and other fees supplement that. But if you seriously exceed your credit limit (or use a card that doesn't allow overages), you will be told you can't make the purchase; it depends on the service and the store. (I've only had it happen once, when I was first furnishing my own place and was buying a bed frame and mattress.)

Keeping track of your finances (credit, checking, savings, etc.) and planning ahead -- especially with an "emergency fund" to act as a buffer to your cash flow -- is a lesson we should all learn.

Maybe the sister is sparkly?

Art Requests / Re: I'll draw your ponies!
« on: 2016 Nov 22, 09:12:57 »

Why, thank you! May I share this elsewhere (credited to "Keldeluxe", of course)?

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