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Author Topic: Season 3 Alternate ending writing challenge Discussion and rules  (Read 703 times)

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OK as per all my challenges an explanation is in order
You see I’ve been thinking about it and I made a point in Ryo Rants the end of the fandom about the reason for the final episode causing issues was the final moments more precisely everything from the point of “the princess twilight comith” Now this got me to thinking how would I have done it differently now I’m no writer so here I am therefore.
Now the Challenge is you have to write a short ending to the final episode of season 3 an alternative to what happened from the cut to the “Princess Twilight Comith to the end. You can be creative as you like with this idea and the only rules are listed below .

Rules and Regulations

1.All entries  must be in English Why because google translated stories are not that fun to read
2. The stories have to be under 5 paragraphs long since these are short stories for an ending 
3.The Stories have to begin after twilight becomes an alicorn so just before the coronation
4.No Blood gore or anything that isn’t kid friendly
5.And of course normal forum rules apply
6.And of course have fun
7.Try to spoiler the stories mostly due to size and loading
8. And Post all entries on this link not this thread 
Now then a special announcement with this challenge for this one comes with a prize
Any entries until May  1st will be involved in a part of a competition which the winner will have their ending read out by me in a special Ryo Rants. The winner of the challenge will be decided on several factors
•The quality of writing
•How interesting the story is
•And personal preference somewhat
Now have fun with it and I look forward to some interesting ideas and hope that although a minor prize will make this a bit more fun and perhaps if this goes well I shall try introducing more in the future.
So if you have any questions problems or just want to discuss things leave a post here or PM me your choice Have fun every pony
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