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(Discussion) Random Pony Days!
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                                                                    Welcome to
                                          Random Pony Days!

This story does not follow a particular story in any way, nor it doesn't follow any ponies in particular either. Just ponies chosen at random having good, bad, fun, and even boring times! So have a fun time reading, rate my story (honestly of course), give me some ideas, or tell me how I can improve this story in any way!

Different chapters will be about different ponies. For an example, first chapter might be about Twilight Sparkle, and the next chapter might be about Rarity, and so on. So if you don't find yourself liking one chapter, try another one.

Link to the story: Random Pony Days! Story

Chapter's Main Characters
Chapter 1: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle
Chapter 2: Applebloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo
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