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Evershade Crusaders
« on: 2017 Mar 26, 01:43:23 »
We are the Evershade Crusaders.

"Bringing Friendship one Exploration at a Time"

We as Evershade Crusaders love to explore. We stick together and make sure nopony is left behind: we never back down and never give in, we will fight to the dying breath to protect those who choose to wander the Evershade alone. Our goal is for you to be a proud explorer and find your role in your peers. Even if your role is taken, nopony can ever be better than you, we are all similar in a way. So let us join together as brothers and sisters. And take back what fear has taken from us. Because here with the Evershade Crusaders, you are a welcomed friend. The creatures whom tread the Evershade beware the piercing light of our magic for we are coming

The Elements of Community:
The Element of Unity - To Be Decided
The Element of Trust - Arcania Wonder
The Element of Peace - Peacekeeper
The Element of Forgiveness - Rainy Belle
The Element of Perseverance - Teal
The Element of Support - Firestar Dashie


Eternal Impact
Glimmering Aurora

Rainy Belle
Heavenly Tone
Peg Aysys
Spring Tapia
Shadow Wing
Aspir Drops
Minty Burst
Bumble Crash
Kael Silverstar
Firestar Dashie
Cherry Cream
Shadow Phantom
Serpent Scale
Meteor Sprint
Jamison Braveheart
Color Bow
Flutter Lights

Reid Pages
Strawberry Sun
Chacka Lackin
Eternal Winter

Pony Noir
Tuxedo Charmer
Star Stream

Member Pictures

Official Rules (forum/steam/skype):
  • No NSFW Roleplay PERIOD!
  • Keep Cursing to a minimum.
  • User must be 13+
  • Do not spam chats or other members.
  • Maximum of 3 direct photo uploads at a time(skype chat).
  • Personal Identifiable Information(PII) may only be shared in private chat(skype/steam).
  • No harassment(bullying) PERIOD!
  • RP belongs in the RP group chat.
  • New rules and procedures are decided via vote.
  • Be respectful of others names, genders, sexuality and otherwise.
  • Arguments between members are to be done in private chat.
  • Any shipping posted must not be NSFW nor may it contain kissing on lips or below the head.
  • Hello? Hello, hello?! Well the company owners told me to say that what they says goes so yeah, please remember to smile because you’re the face of Evershade Entertainment.(Translation: Follow what the admins say, do not argue.)
  • Check Crusader Cove periodically so the -NA- animatronic doesn’t go after you
  • Be sure to check cam 11 and wind up the music box so the Peacekeeper puppet doesn’t come out

How to join? Fill out the form below!
OC Name:
OC Age:
OC Race:
OC Gender:
OC Talent:


Have Steam? Be sure to join the group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EvershadeCrusaders

Group Created Content:

Evershade Crusaders, first adventure!
#Invalid YouTube Link#

Evershade Crusaders, Ted and the Castle Ruins
#Invalid YouTube Link#

Dance party in front of Sugarcane Corner
#Invalid YouTube Link#


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Re: Evershade Crusaders
« Reply #1 on: 2017 Mar 26, 11:20:46 »
I would love to join!
OC Name: Aqua Fire
OC Age: 13
OC Race: Earth Pony
OC Gender: Female
OC Talent: Fire-Water powers
Reason: I saw this in unread posts, and thought I would give it a try. So far, I love it!

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Re: Evershade Crusaders
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EY!!! I didn't realize we have a refreshed thread for our herd x3 . So this will be our supporting thread for now on.

I would love to join!
OC Name: Aqua Fire
OC Age: 13
OC Race: Earth Pony
OC Gender: Female
OC Talent: Fire-Water powers
Reason: I saw this in unread posts, and thought I would give it a try. So far, I love it!

You just barely made the age limit x3 and everything else looks good.

Welcome to the herd @Aqua Fire  ^-^
Representing the Element of Peace, my name is Peacekeeper, and I am an Evershade Crusader. I am also a proud member of Chat-o-Landia. My talent is preventing conflict and maintaining order.