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Teleportation Animation (Suggestion)
« on: 2016 Nov 16, 03:04:07 »
I know it's been some time since the last release of Legends of Equestria, but one idea/suggestion is the animation for teleportation. I like to see a small animation when teleporting, as it take time to ready the spell and by doing a position to be ready to teleport. As right now in the last build is like a instant teleport with no animation and it just look in my opinion not representable to the Unicorn Race, compare to the other races. I know is hard to animate and to not cause more bugs then intended in the game, but this animation in my prospective looks representable to any User/Player using the Unicorn Race.

As for all the colors, is pointing out the main point I'm trying to say in this paragraph and details that connect with the idea/suggestion.

I hope you take this idea/suggestion as a asset for future development of the game and maybe become a reality at some point. :D
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