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Author Topic: hello there care for a tasty treat?  (Read 177 times)

hello there care for a tasty treat?
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Name: Marshmallow Fluff
Nickname: Marshy or Floof
Age: 19
Gender: Mare
Cutie Mark: A s'more
Special talent: Baking and creating tasty treats! (S'mores are my favorite to make tho  ;) )

Description: A shorter than usual mare with light brown and dark brown colored hair, her coat is a cream color with tan spots and speckles, freckles grace her delicate face under her bright brown eyes, a light pink bow lays atop her head

Personality: Fun-loving and charismatic she is always ready to make friends, she loves baking for and catering parties for her friends. She loves to sing and put on plays as well with her special somepony~ Marshy's biggest fear is being left alone and that no one actually likes her so she does her best to please those around her in order to keep them interested in her friendship.

*ponies custom painted by me! Dr. Whooves and a Lyra base!*