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Author Topic: Linux client related bugs: Can't use train portals, no Cyrillic input  (Read 234 times)

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I checked for differences between Win32 and Linux clients and found that:
  • I can't use train portal signs in a Linux client: no action with a left click. Nevertheless I managed to change location once but I didn't see a dialog.
  • Cyrillic input doesn't work in a Linux client but it works in a Win32 client. I can't use WSAD controls while my keyboard layout isn't English. There is no such problem in a Win32 client.
  • A gray background instead of a mini-map.

PS: Tested on:
Ubuntu 15.10 (64 bit)
Linux 4.2.0-23-generic
The X.Org Foundation 11702000
Win32 client tested on wine-1.8.

PPS: Moved to a helpdesk. Please, remove the topic.
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