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Author Topic: (my life in a song)  (Read 275 times)

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(my life in a song)
« on: 2015 Aug 25, 17:16:18 »
the way it all started when I was 4
I always had to mourn
father was gone mother was workin
me and my sis always hurtin
keep the peace my granddad says
you'll be a superstar one day.....

yeah when I was 8
it was life that I really hate
my stepdad had a problem with
the way I played doesn't matter what time of day
I was always late... til I hear my mom say
one day you'll be a superstar....

now I'm 19 and life is goin great
I'm a superstar in everyone's eyes
can you blame me
mlp is my thing now
it saved me from my bad life now
can you blame me? you can't get me down now
walk with me and my lifestyle cause were family
please believe in me.....*walks off stage*