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Author Topic: Important - Please read before posting!  (Read 4162 times)

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Important - Please read before posting!
« on: 2015 Jan 24, 13:31:22 »
To help minimize confusion and to try to keep the forum organized, please view this post for an explanation of the different boards and where to post for certain issues.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Topics in this section of the forum are for issues relating to the website and this forum.
All topics that relate to the Legends of Equestria game outside bug reports should be posted in the Legends of Equestria Discussions
During weekends in which a stress test occurs you may post a ticket in the Help Desk.  Please be sure to submit any necessary bug reports before the stress test ends.

The only ideas and suggestions posted should be to improve the website and the forum.
The Legends of Equestria team is not taking suggestions for the game at this time.

Before submitting a bug go through the following steps:
  • Browse the forum and help desk to make sure the bug has not already been posted.
  • Clear the web browser's temporary files or cache and restart the browser to see if the bug persists.
  • Provide enough information such as the operating system, browser version, what was happening or what caused the issue to occur.
  • Be as specific as possible.
Note: It's recommended to have the computer up to date in terms of drivers, software, operating system patches, browsers, anti-virus, anti-malware and so on.

If submitting a suggestion about the site/forum make sure it has not already been suggested.

A few notes on the Legends of Equestria Character Creator
  • The required Web Player can be found here
  • It is only supported on Microsoft Windows and OSX.  It is not supported under Linux (Linux comes in many different flavors such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mint and so on).
  • The exported pony code may or may not work with the LoE game.
  • It is possible to run the Character Creator on hardware that is unsupported for the game.
  • If the advertisement on the page covers up the Character Creator it is recommended to change the creator to full-screen by right clicking and selecting Full Screen.

ALSO NOTE!-The Character Creator will not work on Google Chrome or other Chromium-based web browsers.  Google has deprecated NPAPI support, which the Unity Web Player requires to run.  At this time, most other browsers do still support NPAPI, so please try a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer to use the Character Creator.  This is not something we are able to fix.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

A few notes about the forum.
  • Avatars/Profile pictures are not stored on the server.  To use them the image needs to be uploaded to a site (like imgur) and linked via Forum Profile options (should drop down if the mouse is hovered over Profile).
  • AT&T does not accept our emails.  Also it is possible from time to time where emails from the forum may take a long amount of time to be received.  In the case of a stress test it's highly recommended to get everything settled before the day the stress test begins.
  • The rules are located here.
A few examples of what should not be posted here.
  • Discussions, bugs, glitches and technical issues about Legends of Equestria.
  • Not being able to log into Legends of Equestria.
  • Anything that belongs in a more appropriate section of the forum (such as help for things outside LoE).
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Re: Important - Please read before posting!
« Reply #1 on: 2016 Jul 28, 03:34:23 »
Hello everyone, as the OSW draws closer I'm going to bump this thread for any new users who have issues.  Please read the information in this post before reporting any bugs so we can be sure they are organized and easy to find and fix!  Thanks for your cooperation and have a fun weekend!