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Lord of Madness

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Teaching true wisdom unknown to our kind
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You still active? Let's talk

y u no on?

i miss you madness. we could of..... what? right now?....ok, ok, ok. i'll see ya around. the tardis locked onto your location at this point of time.

lookie here

its been a while! :3


Can you teach us wisdom unknown to our kind?

Mr. Burrito Burrito

Is the most awesome thing in the universe save Zinrax.


HI again!

back from the dead

I haven't seen you in forever


I do what I want :U

Angry Shadow Mare

Stop eating my gemstones!!! Your not even supposed to eat those!!!


*Relic stares at Zinrax.

Happy Late Birthday


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!

Happy B-Day to you Madness!  Hope you have a wonderful day with your family. :)

Happy Birthday!!

Here is a Birthday Blessing
For a very special Friend,
Just a little Blessing
That I pray will never end.

For Happiness and Prosperity
To come to you this day,
And touch your heart with Joy
In a very special way.

Happy Birthday,
My Friend! :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Congrats on living another year!

Happy bday

Happy birthday Madness, may your day be filled with joy and insanity :D

Your avatar

And definitely makes certain people sick, though of course not me.


Congrats on winning the Alpha testing spot! ^^ I hope it went well.


Congrat's you won on that alpha testing spot! ^_^


Alpha testing spot that's pretty wow.
Tell me how it goes