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Shaping, Walking, Finding Equestria, one step at a time. We are the traveler duo, finding everywhere we can.

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... And I mess up my own introduction. *sigh* Ponydale and Evershade.

Can't blame him personally, Airhead types faster than his brain works. Enjoy the Chaos Everypony.

Introductions and summaries

Hey Everypony, this is Liven Courier and Dusty Tome. We share this Profile with Blindfire down there and his filly/colt. If you're one of my friends from Ponypony or the Everfree, it's awesome to hear from you! If I don't respond suddenly... yeah, I'm on deliveries pretty often so I don't always check here. Sis figured out a way to check Deviantart on the move though, so follow that little link up there if you want to talk to me more directly. Blindfire manages that one, and he'll usually throw something at me if I've got a message. Anyway, I'm gonna head off now, so here's Blindfire! Safe travels everypony! Oh, and watch out for Changelings...

Or at least the Airhead up there. Name's Blindfire, I'm the zebra. Sandy Stride and Snowfall are here too, they'll throw some quips your way every so often down here. Besides that, I'm the sane one. If you're interested, my story's in the OC section somewhere. Ignore the Airhead's summary, he doesn't catch the intricacies of the tale. Enjoy the Chaos everypony, and travel wherever the road takes you.