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I'll search the world until the answer's found.
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Yeah, I watch some but if they are really short I'll play them. Dreamin' Mary was pretty short, even with play it multiple times to get all the endin's.


Yeah, I watch a few Youtubers play, but I found this one on my own. I have a bad habit of wastin' time playin' games like Undertale and Yume Nikki. =ww=


Ye, its Dreamin' Mary! Lol, not a lot of people recognize it.

Welcome back!

Hey! Glad to see you have returned, hope to rp with you some more! x3

Welcome Back!

Glad to see you back. :D


Please don't quit! :c


You found me!!


Hello there! :3


Alright - If you by chance do get on, I'll figure out a server name and tell you by either 1 or 2 my time ^^ if not, I'll send it out in the morning.


friend! will I be seeing you on the open server this weekend? o:

I read abunch of tolkein poems two days ago

Twas inspired :luna:

a poem for your sads

why, it would be
sadness to see,
whilst you wait
the hour growing late,
your acquaintances
(barring evil enstantresses),
laugh to content,
on an evening well spent,
the subject, folly,
that it could be
should be, should we
be her and me,
a thing, fling!
Not since
about Ten-Thirty
have I had such a laugh
twas quite a gaffe
that her stallion appeared,
Dawn soon leered
with shameful wonder
had now discovered
The ship he had boarded
had all but been looted
his idea had been booted
in favor of the truth, and,
beneath the laughter
once it was after,
two of the three
continue to be,
alone and yet free
why, you shall be
most glad, you see.

Friends look for eachother

:D :) :] :P (:





princess Luna121

you awesome! ^-^


Hi dawns! Sorry for being late, I had school work and cleaning to do, but now I'm done with it, so I can say Hi!