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Little Star

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Singing and Voice Acting Extraordinaire
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2012 Jul 30, 13:30:49
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Hehee !

Happy Birthday for your 18 years !!! :D

[2017 Jan 01, 12:35:59]


Miss you...  ono

[2016 Jun 12, 14:30:59]

Hehee... !

Hehe, it's been long that we know him again...  X3

[2016 May 21, 15:37:26]

Hehee... !

Happy Birthday for your 17 years !!! :)

[2016 Jan 01, 10:10:48]

glad to get to hear your voice during the 24 hour event

hey little star I am glad that I got to talk with you over the weekend that the 24 hour event was going on :D

Sound Engineer !

You became Sound Engineer! I'm glad you went up a little higher !!  ^-^  <3


I am verry interested of all of the effects you did in sound engienering,thanks forr all of the work you guys did for the game.
Just simply neat work.


I don't know you that well yet, but I like you <3

Noticed change

You have changed your nickname, and the signature.....

Day 1

Senpai has not noticed you yet

Hey :D

You're still active on here :3

Thankies 83

Thanks, and don't worry, we'll be waiting for your application when it will come the moment ^-^

nice avatar

So much rarity.


That's a nice profile you've got there.  Would be If I keep spamming it.


Hi, your name is of a pony g3 knew?

Your age

My little sister tried to register but she could not because she was under 13. (I have 4 sisters, one has an account. click here to see it.




Merry Christmas and- wait, it's your birthday? Well, merry birthday and a happy New Year!

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Ponies!

Hey giiiiirl! Hope you're having a wonderful time full of fun, gifts and cake! <3

Expect gifts from me tonight! :D

Say no to that deppression! That's not good, alright? ;)