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Not to be confused with Zukiuke

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By the Way

Just noticed upon playback of my recordings that, when asked, you said that your favorite part of the OSE/OSW was reuniting with me and I didn't even notice. I'm so sowwy. ;n;' That's so kind of you though. -u-

Found You c:

Probably looking like a stalker, but I actually looked at my first thread and noticed you were the one to lock it after my question was answered. ;D So weird to know I kinda met you before I really met you. Hope you're doing well! That was a great OSW. :o

Hello, we need to talk

Skype is troymisti Add me, we really need to talk, as you promised as well. Theres something I need to tell you at least


Remember Mizuki, don't get aHEAD of yourself. xD


You're really nice! Thanks for everything! :D

It's Alright!

I hope your internet will be alright. You must be having issues with your connection. I'm sure it can't be your computer, phone, or tablet that causing it. Whenever you can get videos to load, watch both trailers in that message and reply back to me. Thanks! I hope for the best!

Hello Mizuki

This is Bro1997 here and I just sent you a PM. I'm not sure if you seen it yet, but I want your personal opinion on Filly Funtasia. Thanks!


Hi Mizuki! :D


You're really nice! ^-^


hi, I know you said to not ask, but can you please tell me if we will be able to compeat in contests? PvP, flight compations, you know the drill.