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Please don't take this comment as a status of being 'new' I just saw how barren this profile was XD, and thought it an AWFUL shame. Just wanted to leave a little friendship. If I offended in anyway . . . I couldn't bare that o.o. Please say that isn't so!

Hehehe, but seriously, I meant no offense and I do hope I've not made you feel uncomfortable and especially not irritated.

 If you like we can say I'm just trying to recruit for my RPs lol. And I'll link you some RPs, that I need more players for o.O. Hehehe, just give me a shout. (But honestly, I'm just a fan of new friends and conversation, AND more people to play with in RPs XD. So give me a shout anytime.)

Waves hoof

Hmm, your profile . . . it's just so. Well there is nothing here. I hope you didn't expect me to just pass by and ACCEPT this. It's a shame, a horrid-horrid shame! How dare those ponies not leave you a little friendly 'hello' for whenever you pop on. It's downright scandalous (Besides what makes YOU think YOU can get away with being different!) lol.

Hahaha, just wanted to say hello, and I like leaving little comments for people. Because I certainly like receiving them :3. And being the conversation addict I am . . . well this isn't about me so let's digress.

It's been a pleasure talking AT you XD, and I hope we'll have a time to converse, but either way I wish you best! Take care and enjoy yourself Salnalus!

~ Your new friend, GalvinRoe