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Hi! I'm Maple Syrup! Would you like some syrup? ^^
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2017 Apr 01, 22:06:55
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2017 Jun 25, 21:43:50
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Maple Syrup goes best with pancakes! TO THE INTERNET! ovO

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I just want to say, welcome to the forums http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/Smileys/default/PinkieBigSmile.png A magical place where everyone gets along and all is well. Hope you enjoy your time here and that you make a lot of friends.

(I want some syrup, plzzzzzzzz???????)

Hello there!

I've send you a PM yesterday, please read it when you have time.

Also, it looks like you just came into the forums and you have made more than two friends! :D I'm glad to see they're still friendly to newbies. Maybe Misty will get on your nerves , but he's a good friend.

Your RP is interesting and as you've seen, I joined it. Maybe we'll have to begin RPing later. Hope to see you on another RP soon. AND GIMME THAT DELICIOUS SYRUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ovO

P.S. You're my buddy now!


That i would say HIA!! And stuff you maple syrup giving pone. :P

Sincerely probaly misspelled,