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Lemon D. Muffin Pony

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I have a lion to protect me. Yes! :3
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The only one who accepts me for who I am is Zion. <3

13 years of being a panda fanatic since the day I was born! Also been part of LoE since 2015. :P Also...the muffin is cake?! O:

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Hows the empire to meet?

Hey Lemon

Since The Open server weekend is coming up.
Me and Rarity have been talking but we dont know where to meet up...
Any Ideas? BTW. Happy new year!


Lost in Space

Hey, Lemon! If you want, I just posted the RPG "Ponies: Lost In Space"! :D

P.S.: Awesome, ninja ponies!

Teenage Mutant Ninja.... Ponies?!? :O

The Dashie crazy Filly Has RETURNED!

I am Back and All dat Jazz


.: Fire and Ice:.


Hi, Rarity! So glad that your happy again!! :D

And AWESOME OC! She looks Fabulous! :3

And I can't wait for the new RP! If ya need help with it, just pm me about it! ;)


Hi, Lemon! I just wanted to say hi... and also, that I am happy... just cause. :D

I also made a new OC! Her name is Aqua Wish and she can walk on water. She is my profile, also. :3

AND I am making a new RP! It's about being a storm chaser... ;)

A gift to you, too

You're too cute, Lemon!*gives you a cake pop*


X3 Eeyup...

Wait, what?

Your in Paris with 'mi amour' who is- oooohhhhh....never mind... :3

Buddy List

Hi! Added you in my Buddy List, cutie pie! :-)


lol why do genies have to be so literal? They take anything seriously! Take this saying to heart "be careful what you wish for " lol

Genie, I wish for...

...a million bucks! * genie grants wish and now I have the actual animal * ...Oh no.


* Angelic music plays, says in high pitched voice * I've won da lottery. I am so happy. I am singing in a high pitched voice because Im happy. Also, I won the lottery. Did I also say that I'm happy?


"Ehrmahgurd, I won da lottery! Oh happeh day! Iz so bootiful! " lol