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Sweet Brew

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I'm 'tea'licious, Formerly known as "MrEmu"
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just stopping by. :3 *awkwardly trots away*

you like flavor

hi kid

Thanks for the congrats!

Never thought I'd be in this position until like a night or so ago tbh. xP


i suck balls

Oh hey

It's you!


I think it's a trace from that part, not sure though.

Nope, I'm not Turqoise Splash

Sadly, I'm not who you think I am. I'd love to be horse famous but apparently life had other plans for me.

Screenshot with mouse pointer

I'm posting here because replies to [Topic: LoE Mouse pointer download.] are disabled.
I used ShareX. It's one of the most advanced screenshot tools out there, and the only one I found which has an option for actually capturing the cursor.

Aww, thank you!

It means a lot. ^-^

Sweet brew

Happy birthday sweet brew!

*Is licked*

*Washes face due to OCPD*

Haha, thanks for the welcom!

This "ain't my first rodeo" hehe. I was just really happy to see that this forum uses a code that I actually know how to use and am familiar with. I'm terrible with html, so BBC is good. Also, I lurked the forum for about a day before I decided to join, so I read all the rules and information I needed to be able to see how they preferred their icons and signatures to be as well as how to upload them. The avatar was just a head shot from a vector I had created forever ago, and the signature was meant to be a banner for a separate pony-based weasyl account, so she fit perfectly as a signature!

Turns into a tini pone.


Boops you.


chloé flora

ces super ce que ta mit a la signature