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"Ponies are better than humans? How?"
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i can't use that blender thing and Cygf was kicking her figures,can you help me? *algssob*


I will like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. You have been pretty fun to RP with and to chat. You are really good in RPs and I really thank you for it. I also appreciate the talk of TF2 to help me understand the game before I enter it myself. Glad to have you around this whole year and hope to see you more around. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome 2017. Best wishes!

- Peacekeeper



thanks for b ing my ony troo frind

i love love you i hope i will see you again

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Ehi, Julien, just wanted to say I added you to my Buddy List :D

chloé flora

merci toi aussi

Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!

I want to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

I want to reflect upon 2016 of times we did together. You show great enthusiasm to roleplaying and taking storywriting pretty serious. Though I find it well as a solid story leads to better RPing. More of that, in the chat does the bonding happen. Sharing stories have helped learn and form a good bond including with other friends in Chat-o-Landia. Been great to be with you this year. I wish you the best of 2016 and hope for you to continue the legacy in the story for another year. Also... thanks for the boops. *ow*

Your boop-prone friend:

What's this?!

It appears to be a present
The somewhat invisible gift tag reads "may contain a fluffy surprise"
It is also quite heavy, and doesn't seem to appreciate being shaken

Open it?

Before you get a chance to open, the lid bursts off and a pony called Frost Burn hugs you
Hmm... maybe if I hug you hard enough you will turn into a pony? :P
Merry Christmas Julien, I hope you have a great time and that the future is well for you
And become A PONY! :P

I'd just like to say-

You've got the right attitude.


Okay, I'm gonna post the 2Spooky4Me Halloween RP!

Sorry Friend

Please can we start over?



.:Thank Chu!:.

Thank chu, Mr.Julien999! :3
*Snuggles the Welsh Corgi as if it was a plushie*