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"The fun has been doubled!"
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Nice seeing you around in the Hide and Seek game. :P

From White Pony

Don't worry, I know you're playing.  No problems... found it rather funny.  :)

What's this?!

It appears to be a present
The somewhat invisible gift tag reads "may contain a fluffy surprise"
It is also quite heavy, and doesn't seem to appreciate being shaken

Open it?


Frost Burn escapes the box and boops you
(Yet again)
Pretty predictable I guess :P
Merry Christmas Natfoth! Have a great day and thank-you so much for the amount of work you have put into LoE! ^-^

Er... You would rather let the present collect dust?
I guess I can't stop you...

Compliment and question.

Hi Nat, sorry I did not manage to see you working on the boss in your part of the 24 hour live stream a while ago, also if it's OK for me to ask, I'm not asking what boss it was but what dungeon are you planning on putting it in?


See you (Maybe) at a The Convention :D


why ar thay anoring me for


i lick yow Natfoth




Coudn't log in: coudn't connect to host
What I do ? I want to play ! And no other version runs on my computer

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Welcome Natfoth!
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Have a nice day!

Natfoth's profile is fighting back!!

We been caught! Everypony run!

Quick! Everypony! Natfoth is at Bronycon! Attack his profile

Muahahahahahaha this profile is now under LeviathanTS' control! Now what do I go and do?


Natfoth! You are an awesome guy and you are the greatest programmer I ever met. Thank you so much!


ohh... this explains so much..hehe

Hey there!

I want to thank you for doing all the programming to this wonderfull game! Keep with the good work <3


Hello, mister! Since we adventured, can i make you my acquaintance?

You even use the chat, so i think we can be good friends! :3


Um...Hi! when will the client be avalible to download? im sorry I cant spell right :P


I have a question... do we have to download the game again? the launcher..and what is it like to program? it looks like hard work but fun right?


Hello! first time playing! nice to meet you (: I cant wait to play!!!! Oh my josh! :3

Hey Natfoth!

I think you appeared in at least 4 of my screenshots, it will be nice to see you again during the next open server event! :)