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Birds don't just fly they fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it wrong

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Favorite episode?

Now that is a hard one!

Episode 6 where he dueled the three! It had some hilarious moments.

You ain't gonna find me easy! Dogtanian!

Take some of this "woosh,woosh"
And some of those "woosh,woosh"
And.... actually we should stop cause the mods will kill us!
And I bet you will beat me any way. ^-^

Cool Thanks!

The start of the second series is bad!
But most of the last episodes uses the old animation.

I'll check the new shows out!

I guess they must be good! :3

And I'm happy that you are happy!

HI MarshyMellow! I watch the entire show two times in the ro

But I guess it misses some episodes.
Did you watched the second season?
The second season misses 7 episodes.
But, boy did I love that show.


Hi Dogtanian! And unguard! :3

What's with that sad gif?

BAE to the MAX



I don't know anymore, maybe Masktchi or Gozarutchi...


Yah, I have the first four that arrived and those that can connect to eachother.


I still have mine and they should still work if I put new batteries. Since no one else had them, I had so many so that in that way I could play by myself <^<