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I'm saying hi to random people! It's fun, random, fun, fun, and random. Did I mention it was fun and random? Grass is green! Except when it's brown. Yay!


Thank you, Teal. ^^ Though I do more technical writing than moderating, Perry just likes the mods to have the mod title if possible. (Though I do miss my Propane Salesman status.) c:


Teal Turken... Heh, I believe we've met before on Iwaku Roleplay. I don't recall what my username was there but I was the guy behind the Flaming Wombat there and the Frozen 'Roo on Nationstates. Pleasant running into you again.

Scootalove is Back!

Hi! 0:)

Hey pal

Been a while, eh? How've you been?

you're never online when i am...


have you seen my new ocs?


I drew rainbow dash!

happy birthday

also happy birthday :D


hello do you know how to get the game :o?

Happy birthday!


the gate is open

Rainstorm wants to tell you something.

Hi Teal! We gotta meet in an RP again sometime!


It's the teeny eeny tealy wealy sealsqueal!!


Dear god how did i post so many? Uhh....what is this i don't even...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Teal! =)