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Storytellers make the worlds go 'round.
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The Storyteller's symbol is a book, for without the story itself, there would be nothing to tell. The lines are the breath, the storyteller's medium. The center is a heart, for without heart, the story dies.

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Glad I caught you, at least for a day!

I think the local Hush population is three quarters of the reason I come back to LoE!

The most fun I have is watching your perplexing hijinks and finding out what you've figured out and/or broken.
Hushes are the bestest.

July 2016 OSW

Witching Hour should be making an appearance this OSW. We'll see when! Will try for tonight, at least for the Hide and Seek.
The rest of the weekend will be playing it by ear! If the event is in Griffonia, I'll probably stay around on that one.

After all, if I'm going to gather adoring fans and/or enchanted thralls, I should stick around, no?


Glad to see you on the team! :3


Hello! Just wanted to say congrats on your new writer position for LoE! You often have great ideas, so you definitely deserve it! I'm excited to see what you'll come up with for the game :D Best of luck to you!

You're a teacher?

Oh cool!
We rarely get people like that around here!
Glad you're "Classy"ing this place up! lol



I thought I write you here because we haven't met yet. I'm playing on Zebrica right now and I will now head to the mines in Ponyville to begin with leveling.
Which server are you on?


Thanks for making the OSW super fun ^.^