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Ruby Zkarlet

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And oh baby... tan-tan... Quack silly to me! XDDDD
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And when the duck finally quacks... :ellowee: It... dawns... in... fiyaa!! :nod:
The Dragon-horn!! :D "Muuuustaaaard Jaaaar!!" :3

Oh... She is the great... And powerful... Unicorn ^-^ From the dark ...

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I just returned.

And I will maybe got into it again a little later.^^ I don't know when you play, but if you, just ask for me in global chat.^^

As I said, I got late.

But I'll be going to Cloudsdale again now.^^

I'm a little late, things got in the way.....

But I'm still going to be in Cloudsdale for a bit now.^^

"Higher" forces were responsible for this.

I look forward to meeting you! :D

Don't worry.^^

I'll be back soon. Saturday is when I'm in the game again. You can search for me in Cloudsdale on Amareicas if you want.^^

Hehe !

I like your OC too !! :D

[2017 Jan 25, 13:34:31]

Hehe !

I like your avatar ! :D

[2017 Jan 01, 12:39:46]