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The pony creator on LoE's website uses the Unity WebPlayer, which is an outdated plugin, which no longer functions on most browsers due to it being outdated and vulnerable.

Avatar: 7/10 - Anger pone, looks nice but could be more amazings.
Sig: 9/10 - Cute and Deep
PText: 7/10 - Deep.

Original Characters / Re: The problem with my OC
« on: 2017 May 01, 03:04:06 »
I think it's fine, plenty of ponies share the same name or similar colours.

Updated: 17/04/2017

Introductions / Re: Uhhhh
« on: 2017 Apr 15, 10:13:12 »
There is a proper chat on here, http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?action=chatpage

So it's better than waiting for PMs.

There is also Roleplays on here which you can enter, note that some of them require you to sign-up beforepaw.

General News / Re: Legends of SOCKquestria!
« on: 2017 Apr 01, 11:40:55 »

Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
« on: 2017 Mar 24, 08:16:27 »
irroro how did you not notice pudgy blue woof trapped against wall?

Off-Topic / Re: Favourite Planets
« on: 2017 Mar 22, 13:01:06 »
Equus is supposed to be a nice planet, very liveable and similar to earth. It just happens to be covered in a strange energy which we don't have on Earth.

If we ever make it there, could be a new start.

Thread Games / Re: Hey you! You're awesome! <3
« on: 2017 Mar 22, 08:07:38 »
 ono  D:

@lunar Dusk
That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Literally.

I wish I could write stuff like that about all of you, but I`m not that good with words.

Gamepaw Wolf
Name: Gamepaw
Species: Wolf
Occupation:Nothing/Stray/Wild Animal/Garbage hunter.
Gender: Male
Colours: General base fur colour is a dark Navy (#453b66), He has multiple patches of (#8c73c9), longer, fluffy fur (#765fa7) such as around his (#5a4e86) hind legs or his neck. (#816bbb) Which are multiple shades of lighter purple (#7062a7). On the tips of his paws and his inner ears he has a pale purple (bba6ff). He also has a dark to light blue gradient tail and mane. Which goes from the darker (#42459a) to the much lighter (#7d8df1). He also has light blue eyes (#74d4ff). His pawpads happen to be a lighter blue-ish purple in colours (#9d94fb).
Personality: Gamepaw is a fairly outgoing wolf, not to shy down from anything, bullies and the like. He however does not deal with heavy emotions well, such as not being able to control his laughing, or his sadness and will try to hide this. He tends to be kind, fatherly or loving, enjoying looking after young or other people he is fond of, will even put himself in the way if he sees something he doesn’t like happening to another. He also tends to very food absorbing, commonly seen eating some sort of baked good, mainly pie as his favourite.
However as a feral or a pet character, he is fairly helpless due to his chubbiness getting the better of him, he can also be scared or become afraid very easily, due to his large weight and general helplessness if he knows something will happen and he knows he can’t get away or escape.
Physical Description: A pudgy wolf by no doubt as his constant snacking catches up with him, but it doesn’t cause him much of an issue outside of his feral/pet form. Comparatively being a lot skinnier than the four legged counterpart. He is also fairly moderate in terms of height at 94cm, around 3’ 1” in his feral form. As a pet, he can normally been seen with a purple collar on, however it keeps having to be replaced due to his weight and size.
Short Backstories: (There are separate specific backstories for certain universes e.g Pokemon, Fallout)
Feral/Wild: Being a lazy wolf Game got chubby fairly quickly and failed at keeping up with his fellow pack, who had eventually disowned him and left him to his own devices. Being the slow wolf he was he found it incredibly difficult to keep himself fed, as all the animals were too fast for him. He eventually settled for mainly grown things, such as berries or fallen apples. Occasionally having to eat meat, the only sources he could find are ones he had to find already passed their prime or those that required digging up.

Maybe Malware can learn something from the wolfy. :3

Video Games / Re: The hardest Minecraft evil mods
« on: 2017 Mar 07, 09:34:35 »
ICBM 1.6.4


Thread Games / Re: Throw Something at the pony above you!
« on: 2017 Mar 05, 06:50:45 »
Throws himself.

Thread Games / Re: 1 word story
« on: 2017 Mar 04, 04:23:28 »

Woofer thinks floofs.

Out of Character / Re: Escape to the Future OOC
« on: 2017 Mar 02, 18:46:49 »
Woofer, reporting for Floofer.

Sign-Up Threads / Re: Holiday Cruise Ship RP [Sign in list]
« on: 2017 Mar 02, 18:46:26 »
Woof, reporting for floof.

Out of Character / Re: Ponies: Lost In Space [OOC]
« on: 2017 Mar 01, 20:30:11 »
Woof is currently relying on Scarlet to get around, so I be waits.

Thread Games / Re: Throw Something at the pony above you!
« on: 2017 Feb 28, 20:37:39 »
Throws a lifesize, real weight ChubWoof plush at Aqua.

Original Characters / Re: OC design help
« on: 2017 Feb 26, 14:48:36 »
Personally, I prefer the traditonal unicorn tail over just a horse/pony tail. It looks better I think.

Double False.
I`m a woof, who has Sims 3.

The pony below me secretly eats dog biscuits while no one is looking.

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