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Art / Re: Darcy's Art Thread(Updated 03/24/2017)Relax Blep
« on: 2017 Mar 24, 10:22:45 »

Art / Re: Darcy's Art Thread(Updated 01/31/2017)modpon
« on: 2017 Mar 17, 06:16:09 »
I work too much

Video Games / Re: What's your favorite video game?
« on: 2017 Mar 17, 06:14:47 »
Currently overwatch....yes, even though I yell at everyone and everything every time I play it...

Not like I have free time to play much anyways

Off-Topic / Re: Tired mistakes
« on: 2017 Mar 03, 16:42:57 »
When you're pressing the unlock button on your car keyfob, trying to understand why the door isn't unlocking

Then remembering it doesn't work on the front door of your house.

Site Suggestions & Bugs / Re: Не заходит!!
« on: 2017 Feb 12, 09:15:55 »
Even with Google translate your message is a bit vague.  Assuming you are referring to playing the game, LoE is currently in limited access release, so we are testing the game and server stability by opening the game gradually to the public.  When applications open again you may apply for it, but right now we ask you to be patient until they open once more.

If you have any questions please PM me, locking up the thread as this isn't a site suggestion

Даже с помощью Google перевести ваше сообщение немного расплывчатым. Предполагая, что вы имеете в виду игру, LoE в настоящее время в ограниченном выпуске, поэтому мы проводим тестирование игры и сервера стабильности путем открытия игры постепенно общественности. Когда приложение снова откроется, вы можете подать заявление на него, но сейчас мы просим вас быть терпеливыми, пока они не откроют еще раз.

Если у Вас возникли вопросы, пожалуйста PM мне, запирание нить, как это не сайт предложение

(Google translate did NOT like translating that)...

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2017 Feb 09, 11:08:05 »
my dryer takes 2 cycles to dry my clothes

which I need to do before I can go to bed cause I need them for work in 11 hours...

Art / Re: Darcy's Art Thread(Updated 01/31/2017)modpon
« on: 2017 Jan 31, 10:25:26 »
I'm so tired....

General News / Re: Legends of Equestria is Hiring!
« on: 2017 Jan 23, 08:05:22 »
I suggest sending an email to the recruiter if you need more information.

Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
« on: 2017 Jan 20, 18:50:24 »
I finally got a joooooobbbbb

like a week ago...I was busy :v

General News / Re: Legends of Equestria is Hiring!
« on: 2017 Jan 20, 18:44:50 »
You probably need to have 18 years old... Or maybe older ^^?

The listed departments state a minimum of 16 years of age on the first post of the thread.  Any additional information or requirements based on each individual department will be dictated on the first post.

There are departmental exceptions, such as moderation, which requires applicants to be a minimum of 18.  Such information would be posted under that team's recruiting post if/when said team is hiring.

Art / Re: Darcy's Art Thread(Updated 01/15/2017)Blep
« on: 2017 Jan 15, 12:58:41 »
more belly rubs i guess

Thread Games / Re: mess with the formatting thing
« on: 2016 Dec 27, 23:37:27 »
Sounds like a thread game Now it's a thread game

Off-Topic / Re: Today's breakfast
« on: 2016 Dec 27, 23:32:58 »
This just seems like that perfect threat to go to in the morning while checking messages! lol
Yes, nothing is more threatening than the thought of drinking tea.

I might make bacon like 2 times a month but generally my morning (5pm-ish) consists of coffee.....yeah.

I don't really eat

Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: A question about emojis
« on: 2016 Dec 21, 12:52:15 »
Now i'm curious how many more have been snuck in without us noticing...

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2016 Dec 12, 20:52:16 »
TFW you accidentally overcharge your credit card by $11 buying a new computer. I didn't even know that was a thing, I thought if you tried to charge more than your credit limit the charge would simply be denied. I payed it down a couple hundred dollars immediately, I sure hope this does ruin my credit.

Well this sucks. I wanted to get a new credit card but having a maxed-out credit line isn't going to look good on my application. I should probably pay it down a bit before trying. I only make $1000 a month on my paltry E-1 salary so it could be a while.

I made that mistake once and my bank charged me BIG TIME when my bill came in.  I had to call them to change it.  I guess that's how they make their money...

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
« on: 2016 Nov 25, 19:29:31 »
Someone dented the back of my car...Still trying to grasp what was used based on the paint damage but it doesn't look like it was kicked in.  This was the second case of vandalism to my property since I moved here in September (the first being multiple fence boards being snapped and a pair of bikes stolen)

General News / Re: Legends of Equestria is Hiring!
« on: 2016 Nov 19, 09:00:06 »
Wondering about the VA positioning here!

I am quite curious here! Is it just random pony voices you are aiming for or are you aiming for the main cast as well, unless that is already been casted and taken care of. I only ask about the main characters for the fact I am personally one for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, though I am quite happy to try and other or random ones needed for story to progress!

Thank you very much!

While I am not on the voice acting team I can say for certain that LoE does not have any canon characters, such as the Mane 6 for example.  I suggest perhaps sending an email to the team through the address in the recruiting post if you would like more information about the position :)

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